Where To Find The Perfect Trousers For Summer 2019

Murray Clark
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Summer dressing is notoriously tricky. The mercury rises and with it, your desire to wear shorts at all times. But assuming you have a job, dinner party or another pesky wedding to attend, you're going to need some trouser options.

Dark denims, heavy wools or any other hardwearing winter fabric are generally out. So what are you options? The good news is that the trends for these year include breathable fabrics and looser fits - perfect for the swelter ahead. Here's our picks.

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Linen Trousers

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In the summer, linen is the practical choice. And yet practical hasn't always been cool. Thanks to the likes of Brioni and Etro however, that's all changed: the most breathable of summer fabrics is back in favour (and, therefore, your suitcase).

Tailored Trousers

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Conforming to rigorous dress codes in high summer isn't ideal. But if nothing else, weddings are a good excuse to smarten up. Be the most sharply-dressed guest in the photo album by sticking to formal trousers in light shades, paired with your best shirt and deconstructed blazer.

Wider Leg

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Wider leg trousers, as with so many trends in 2019, can trace its roots to streetwear - the sleepy-eyed Dickies-wearing cool kids that brought the West Coast to your local shopping centre. But now, the joys of looser legs are open to all.

Cropped Jeans

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Believe it or not, but rivet-reinforced jeans - that hard-wearing, rugged workwear necessity - was built in the sweltering temperatures of Nevada, 1873. That means they're wholly appropriate for summer, and more importantly, can chill out if you go cropped at the ankle. Think rolled-up cuffs and on-trend frayed hems.

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