Where principals, assistant principals are across FCPS

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Aug. 26—With the new school year underway in Frederick County Public Schools, here is a list of administrative transfers across the district that took place over the summer.

Principal appointments

— Brunswick High School: Christopher Berry transferred from Tuscarora High. He also served as principal and assistant principal at James Hubert Blake and Magruder high schools in Montgomery County.

— Linganore High School: Michael Dillman transferred from Brunswick High. He has also been an assistant principal at Linganore and Tuscarora high schools. Current Principal Cindy Hanlon is transferring to Frederick County Virtual School.

— Urbana High School: Donna Clabaugh is promoted from assistant principal at Frederick High. She will replace Dave Kehne, who retired. Clabaugh has been a principal at Oakdale High School and an assistant principal at Middletown, Tuscarora and Frederick high schools.

— New Market Elementary School: Steve Lockard transferred from Carroll County Public Schools, where he had been superintendent since 2018. He has served as principal at Brunswick and Tuscarora elementary and as assistant principal at New Market, Deer Crossing and Spring Ridge elementary.

— Oakdale High School: William (Bill) Caulfield is promoted from assistant principal at Walkersville High. He has also been an assistant principal at Oakdale High.

— Parkway Elementary School: John Ridenour is promoted from acting principal. He was an assistant principal at Lincoln, Middletown and Hillcrest elementary. Ridenour replaces Nicole Bell, who transferred to FCPS Central Office.

— Spring Ridge Elementary School: Jason Bowser transferred from New Market Elementary. He has been principal at Valley Elementary and an assistant principal at Oakdale, Waverley, and Hillcrest elementary. Current Principal DeVeda Coley is transferring to the position of supervisor of Community School Programs.

— Tuscarora High School: Lisa Smith transferred from Oakdale High. She was an assistant principal at Tuscarora High.

— Wolfsville Elementary School: John Veronie, who served as acting principal at Sabillasville Elementary, replaced Linda Stuart, who retired. He has been assistant principal at Lincoln, Urbana and Waverley elementary.

Assistant principal appointments

— Ballenger Creek Middle School: Sarah Gordy is promoted from Oakdale Middle School, where she served as a science teacher. Jeffrey Marker transfers from Western Heights Middle School in Washington County.

— Brunswick Elementary School: Laura Davidson transfers from Middletown Elementary School.

— Brunswick High School: Kelli Green transfers from Gov. Thomas Johnson High School.

— Crestwood Middle School: Jason Hawk is promoted from Brunswick Middle School, where he was a social studies teacher.

— Frederick High School: Donna Clabaugh transfers from FCPS Central Office. Elizabeth O'Neal is promoted from Frederick High School, where she served as an English learner teacher.

— Gov. Thomas Johnson High School: William (Billy) Gross is promoted from acting assistant principal. Jennifer Harris transfers from Fairfax County Public Schools.

— Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School: Matthew McVay transfers from Ballenger Creek Middle School.

— Linganore High School: Erik Engelstatter transfers from Frederick High School.

— Middletown High School: Stephanie Bittner transfers from Brunswick High School.

— Middletown Middle School: Shabana Sayed is promoted from the Middle School Blended Virtual Program. Chelsea Skoczylas transfers from Windsor Knolls Middle School.

— Monocacy Elementary School: Melissa Burton transfers from Brunswick Elementary School.

— Monocacy Middle School: Derek Hoover-Beet transfers from Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School.

— Oakdale Elementary School: Lana Dayhoff is promoted from acting assistant principal.

— Oakdale High School: Brooke Hontz transfers from Middletown High School.

— Oakdale Middle School: Toby Heusser is promoted from acting assistant principal.

— Thurmont Middle School: Christopher Bittner is promoted from Middletown Middle School, where he taught social studies.

— Tuscarora High School: Kevin Hall is promoted from acting assistant principal.

— Urbana Elementary School: David Migdal transfers from Whittier Elementary School.

— Walkersville Elementary School: Heather Macauley transfers from Spring Ridge Elementary School. Josalyn Moskowitz transfers from Hickory Elementary School in Washington County.

— Walkersville High School: Jody Ratti transfers from Tuscarora High School.

— Walkersville Middle School: Amy Newkirk transfers from Monocacy Middle School.

— Waverley Elementary School: Sara Ajisafe transfers from the Elementary School Blended Virtual Program.

— Whittier Elementary School: Jill Barnes transfers from Butterfly Ridge Elementary School.

— Windsor Knolls Middle School: Tamara Lamberson transfers from Middletown Middle School.

— Yellow Springs Elementary School: Lisa Wrzesinski transfers from Urbana Elementary School.

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