Where She-Hulk's Tatiana Maslany Got Her 'Support Trans Futures' Shirt

tatiana maslany
tatiana maslany
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As we’re getting closer and closer to the debut of Disney+’s She-Hulk series, the streamer is releasing more and more promos, and in them, the show’s lead star Tatiana Maslany has been wearing a shirt that queer fans are absolutely loving!

Maslany appears in the promotional videos wearing a white cropped sweatshirt with the phrase “Support Trans Futures” on it. Fans immediately latched onto the cute top, celebrating the fact that the popular actress wants to send that message. But where did she get the shirt?

After enough fans asked her where she got her shirt, Maslany replied in her Instagram stories, saying she got the shirt from gc2b, “an awesome company that also makes comfortable binding options designed by trans people for trans people.”

gc2b was founded in 2015 by trans creator Marli Washington. The company sells comfortable and safe binders in lots of designs and sizes, making sure that everyone can bind safely.

They also sell some apparel, including shorts, tees, and tank tops. Unfortunately, right now, they don't have any of the “Support Trans Futures” shirts in stock. Those were made in collaboration with the Black Trans Travel Fund and were recently restocked during Black History Month. The company said there’s “always a possibility we’ll bring it back tho.”

Maslany isn’t the first celeb to give a shout-out to the brand. Back in 2021, nonbinary The Crown and My Policeman star Emma Corrin posted some old pictures of themself wearing a homemade binder and shared that they sometimes like to bind.

While the photos show Corrin using medical tape to bind, they emphasized that binding should only be done safely and that they like to use binders from gc2b.

You can head over to gc2b now to get your own binder or other shirts!

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