Where Trump Goes Ruthless Tycoon, Bernie Goes Cozy Boy Librarian

Murray Clark
Photo credit: Pacific Press

From Esquire

"Power!" Donald Trump's ill-fitting, boxy suits shriek. "Power! Redundancies! Mergers! My companies make billions, believe me, you've never seen so many billions!" Which works, if you're that sort of president.

But what if you're not? What if your White House pitch looks a bit more sensible? More "let's talk tax reform", rather than, "tax records? What tax records?". Well, then you make like Bernie Sanders, who cut the ribbon on big knit season at a landmark New York rally in a get-up that shows a more approachable side to power.

Accompanied by grassroots skincare specialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 2020 hopeful returned from a stint in hospital (bad news) to a packed-out rally in the knitwear of a kind-eyed librarian that really just loves his job (great, great news). It's strong evidence that cozy boy wardrobes are open for business – a good opportunity to get layering – and another considered, but well-received instalment in the dressing of Bernie Sanders 2.0.

Photo credit: Pacific Press

The jumper is smart enough for a formal dress code, but softens the angles of a tailored suit. This guy wants to be president, but the kind with whom you can share a cup of chai tea and chat about that new Werner Herzog doc. It's also a look that turns neckwear – or, rather, the lack of it – into a political jab. If Trump's fly-length, ruby red tie is the choice of a Succession-style plutocrat, Bernie's naked Oxford collars do the opposite. He's learned, but humble. Serious, but smiley. Commander-in-chief, but up for a cuddle.

So hail to the new chief, big knit season has arrived. That means big sweaters, big style moves, and big-name cozy boys whipping up anti-billionaire sentiment in the crisp, New York autumn. All things that get our vote.

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