Where to get a vaccine without an appointment across the country

Mashiyath Zaman and Kanwal Syed and JaJuan Morris-Guity and Megan Watkins and Bentley Maddox
·1 min read

After a rollout characterized by overloaded and sometimes hard-to-use systems, the U.S. appears to be entering a new phase: appointment-less Covid-19 vaccinations.

Walk-ins are typically first come, first served and usually for first doses only, except for sites offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (which doesn’t require a second dose).

As traffic to mass vaccination sites slows, many states, such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and Florida, have begun to offer vaccinations without needing an appointment at some of their state-run sites, according to an NBC News analysis.

See which states and jurisdictions have started offering walk-in appointments using the interactive map below.

NBC News is publishing a vaccination guide: Plan Your Vaccine.