‘Where’s Wendy Williams?’ Ex TV host has moved to Florida amid struggles, pal says

Wendy Williams: Raw.

The radio personality turned talk show host left her famous purple chair in July 2021; now we’re learning more about what went on behind the scenes — and it ain’t pretty.

In the newly released trailer for Lifetime’s upcoming documentary, “Where is Wendy Williams?,” you get an insider’s look at the TV personality’s health, mental and financial struggles since stepping away from the spotlight.

Over two years of footage was compiled for the two-parter, which will first drop Feb. 24.

Trigger warning: Don’t expect glamour and glitz.

Williams doesn’t look like the charismatic, chatty gossiper you remembered over her 14-year run. Select scenes show the New Jersey native leaning on others to walk, breaking down in tears and complaining about her lot in life to anyone who will listen.

“Let me tell you something,” the 60 year old says ominously to the camera. “If it happens to me, it can happen to you.”

Some of her myriad problems include Wells Fargo freezing her bank account over her mental health battle; her ex husband having a baby with another woman while they were married; and a Graves Disease diagnosis.

Her son Kevin Hunter Jr., for one, thinks that some of his mother’s other problems partially stem from being surrounded by the wrong crowd.

“My mom always talks about how she wants to work, but I think she’s worked enough,” says the former University of Miami student, 23, in one clip. “She has people around her who are ‘yes’ people that have allowed this to continue.”

One step that Williams’ loved ones have taken to get her away from such folks is to to physically get her out of the rat race of NYC, according to her old pal, radio personality Miss Jones.

“People were coming in her circle that they weren’t familiar with and [relatives] didn’t know, like, they couldn’t get access to her when they wanted, they moved her down to Florida,” Jones reported on her show last month.