While Florida Was Getting Slammed By Hurricane Ian, A Frustrated Amazon Driver Was Out Delivering 172 Packages

Hurricane Ian swept through southwestern Florida last week, and while many were evacuating, boarding up their homes, or hunkering down as they prepared for the arrival of a category 4 hurricane, one Amazon worker was forced to deliver packages.

In a series of TikTok videos, the driver, who goes by the name @abnormalpoet, shared his frustrations with his job and customers who choose to order from the website while in the middle of a natural disaster.

“I hate all of y’all right now,” hollered the vexed delivery man. “Y’all knew this hurricane was coming and you still ordered sh**? I’ve gotta go to 172 of y’all today!”

abnormalpoet’s 15 seconds of aggravation has already amassed the content creator over 300k views and 50k+ likes on TikTok.  The numbers continue to rise as TikTok users flooded his comment section with empathy.

“Take it easy bro. Packages can be delayed,” said one concerned follower.

“No dude, that’s on Amazon. You should be getting paid to say home,” said another.

One follower alleges that Amazon did not allow her to cancel her order despite the weather conditions.

“I called Amazon to try to delay my package (I ordered before I knew about the storm) and they told me they couldn’t,” she said.

Some commenters couldn’t help but to find the humor in the situation, however.

“In my defense I ordered before the hurricane got real,” said one TikTok user.

“Sorry bestie my dog needed a rain jacket,”  another TikTok follower joked.

“Please keep my wife’s package dry jk stay dry and safe brother,” teased another.

Fortunately, abnormalpoet was a good sport and while Florida suffered the catastrophic storm, he was out delivering packages to numerous homes.  This was no easy task to complete but the determined driver was able to get it done.

According to the Amazon employee, he was made to work due to his location. When asked why he was still being asked to work, abnormalpoet said, “Because it’s technically not near my area we still had to go even though I mess [sp?] dodging debris.”

One of his followers, allegedly an Amazon worker at the Ft. Myers location, left a comment saying that her location was shutdown for at least the next few days.

On Wednesday, Sept. 29th, Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a ruinous Category 4 storm, causing more than 2 million homes to go without power in the state.  The storm reached maximum sustained winds of nearly 150 mph and neighborhoods along Florida’s west coast, along with other areas had issued mandatory curfews.

The aftermath of the storm is devastating. Homes and businesses were destroyed, and people lost all of their belongings, as they were forced to evacuate. As seen on Newsweek,  Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno declared the death toll to be in the hundreds so far.

Since hammering Florida, the storm continued its path through other parts of the United States and has been lessened to a Category 1. Hurricane Ian has already made its way through South Carolina, causing more chaos along the shore, where it made landfall south of Georgetown on Friday afternoon.

Amazon stated that they have over 8,000 employees in Tampa and areas nearby.  They claimed their concern and priority is the safety of those employees and as a result has closed over 80 facilities along the path of the storm. The company is set to provide help to employees affected, along with pay for their scheduled shifts.