'White devil' under investigation for hate crime, allegedly waved AR-15 rifle from his Manchester balcony

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Jul. 9—Manchester police say they found more than 20 guns and white supremacist materials inside the Beech Street apartment of a man arrested for waving an AR-15 rifle from his balcony Thursday evening.

Michael Demille, 49, who allegedly told officers he is the "white devil," is charged with felony criminal threatening and reckless conduct. At an arraignment held Friday in Hillsborough County Superior Court North, a judge ordered Demille held in preventive detention pending a hearing set for July 20.

Police responded around 6:30 p.m. Thursday to multiple calls about a man pointing a rifle at passing cars and screaming in the area of Beech and Silver streets, according to a news release. Some callers said the man had a Confederate flag.

When officers arrived, they found Demille, who appeared to be armed, screaming from the exterior stairs of his apartment building at 118 Beech St. Police said Demille was highly agitated and ranting, at times making references to white supremacy, according to the news release.

Demille told the officers he was born evil and believes he is the "white devil," according to an affidavit by Officer Zachary Liupakka filed in Hillsborough County Superior Court North.

Demille said he had gone out on his balcony with a handgun and began screaming, "I am the white devil. Everyone hates me," Liupakka wrote. Demille told the officers he later went inside and got an AR-15 rifle and returned to the balcony, where he continued screaming, waving the rifle and throwing it into the air.

Demille told the officers he had been drinking, and he appeared to be intoxicated, the affidavit said. He said his girlfriend and two children were inside the apartment.

He also told the officers he has had ongoing issues with his neighbors in another apartment, but there hadn't been any argument that day that prompted his behavior.

Officers were able to calm the man down and took him into custody. Demille was wearing an empty holster at the time of his arrest, the news release said.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Demille's apartment, and located more than 20 firearms inside, including pistols and rifles. They also found "white supremacist related materials," police said.

Manchester police said they will investigate whether the incident was motivated by prejudice. They also referred the case to the Attorney General's Office to investigate whether any civil rights violations occurred.

"There is no place for hate crimes in this community and it will not be tolerated," said Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg.

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