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7 white elephant gift ideas under $15 that literally everyone will love

Friends! ‘Tis the season of gift-giving, joyful advent calendars and, most importantly, chaotic gift-giving games. More likely than not, you’ve probably already been invited to join a white elephant gift exchange situation with your friends, family or at work. And it’s notoriously hard to shop for. I mean, you need to figure out a good gift that everybody involved would want to fight over.

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A quick white elephant breakdown: Each person in a group brings a wrapped gift and puts it in a pile. Players then draw numbers to see which order they’ll each choose a gift. The first person chooses a gift, opens said gift and shows the group. The next person can either steal the gift or open a new one. If the first person’s gift is stolen by the second player, the first person can choose a new gift. This continues with the rest of the players until all gifts are opened. Then, the first person has one last chance to swap their gift.

TL; DR: It’s messy, fun and about the pride of being the best gift-giver. However, it’s not about spending a whole paycheck, which is why I hunted down a tight list of gifts that will make you the star of the game.

Scroll below to shop the best white elephant gift ideas people will want to steal — all under $15. Happy gift-giving!

It's Wordle, but as an actual tangible party game. Pretty much everyone is guaranteed to have a good time.

$20 at Amazon

These cozy socks from Barefoot Dreams check all of the cozy socks boxes! Cute, visibly soft, available in multiple color options, and they convey that sparkling love-at-first-sight feeling.

$19 at Amazon

This suction wine glass holder easily attaches to walls and bathroom tiles for the ultimate post-work day win(e)d down. And if they're not a wine person, the holder also fits cans and shampoo and conditioner bottles.

$13 at Amazon

Noodles and sushi with a touch of The Force™ is so much more fun than noodles and sushi with basic chopsticks.

$11 at Amazon

Just like the title suggests, this interactive flowchart book will give them the (very honest and hilarious) answers to life's hardest questions. Like, "Should I wear a bra?" and "Do I even like this person?" because extra guidance is very important.

$4 at Amazon
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

With a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating based on over 45,000 Amazon reviews, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is one of the best (and safest) white elephant gifts out there. It's silly, fast-paced and so easy to learn.

$10 at Amazon

Um, it's a tea diffuser in the shape of a little human — what's not to love? All they have to do is stuff the diffuser's little legs with their favorite loose-leaf tea, hook their arms over the lip of the mug and let the tea brew.

$12 at Amazon

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