White Fragility critical race theory sequel greeted with slow sales

Is Robin DiAngelo’s 15 minutes of fame just about up?

The author perpetuated critical race theory and saw her ideology go mainstream after a 2018 book, but now her follow-up effort Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm has tanked with a listing of 1,980 on Amazon. It hasn’t cracked the top 10 in any category, and 30% of the reviews are one-star.


DiAngelo’s first book, White Fragility, was on the bestseller list for a year, spending time at No. 1 after the George Floyd killing in May 2020. However, her newest book sold just 3,500 copies in the first week.

“I don’t think the evidence shows that the average person trying to work and raise a family is walking around trying to look for ways to feel aggrieved or guilty over the state of race in this country,” said Jonathan Butcher, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

A recent YouGov America poll found most Americans familiar with critical race theory (58%) have a negative opinion of it, while 55% said it’s bad to teach in schools.

Predictably, Nice Racism prompted a backlash on Twitter.

“DiAngelo writes like a cult leader… and if mass beheadings are in our future, expect her to hold a clipboard,” tweeted author Matt Taibbi, who wrote a review on Substack.

Taibbi followed the tweet with, “Reading Robin DiAngelo’s new book is like sitting through a root canal on acid.”

“Smiling is racist and other takeaways,” tweeted CNS News.

“Writing directly to white people as a white person, DiAngelo identifies many common white racial patterns and breaks down how well-intentioned white people unknowingly perpetuate racial harm,” Amazon states on the book’s sales page. “She challenges the ideology of individualism and explains why it is OK to generalize about white people.”

DiAngelo is a professor at Washington State University who pushed critical race theory on the speaker’s circuit after her first book. She helped create training programs integrated into schools and government curriculum nationwide.


In San Diego County, a mandatory critical race theory course for healthcare workers was panned by an employee as divisive and offensive.

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