White House contender Cruz dismisses climate change as 'pseudo-scientific'

"I continue to like and respect Donald Trump," said Texas senator and US Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz, pictured December 8, 2015, in the midst of global uproar over the Republican frontrunner's call to ban Muslims from entering the US (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)

Washington (AFP) - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz dismissed climate change Wednesday as a "pseudo-scientific theory" by liberals seeking to impose government control over the economy and "every aspect of our lives."

Cruz, a US senator from Texas who has gained momentum recently among his party's ultra-conservatives, advanced the claim in an interview with National Public Radio, contending that scientists have switched theories over the decades to favor government intervention.

"First, it was global cooling, then it was global warming," he said.

"Now it is 'climate change,' and climate change is the perfect pseudo-scientific theory for a big-government politician who wants more power."

Their intention all along, Cruz said, has been to attain "massive government control over the economy, the energy sector and every aspect of our lives."