White House Easter eggs sent to Riverside vaccine site

A vaccination site in Riverside has received a special Easter delivery straight from Washington, D.C.

Video Transcript

- Happening now, a special Easter delivery straight from Washington D.C. with this year's annual Easter Egg Roll event canceled because of the pandemic. The White House had to do something with those eggs, so they sent them to vaccine sites across the country. Riverside University Health received a batch of them, and they're now handing them out today to everybody who gets vaccinated.

- Very nice. I actually dyed some eggs yesterday.

- You did?

- Got a little bit festive now that spring is here.

- Any fancy colors we're talking about? I remember, I used to put tape on them, and you'd make stripes and stuff.

- Oh, that would have been fun. You know, I should try that next time.

- Just call me up. I'm right great arts and crafts guy.