White House increasing vaccine supply next week

The White House is increasing the supply of coronavirus vaccines beginning next week. It aims to promote equity by distributing 1 million doses of the vaccine to hundreds of community health centers across the country. (Feb. 9)

Video Transcript

JEFF ZIENTS: Starting next week, we will begin a new program with federally qualified health centers, or as many people know them, community health centers. Under this new program, we will begin directly sending vaccine supply to community health centers, enabling them to vaccinate the people they serve.

MARCELLA NUNEZ-SMITH: We'll be starting with a phased approach and we'll ramp up over time. This effort that focuses on direct allocation to the community health centers, really is about connecting with those hard to reach populations across the country. So this includes people who are experiencing homelessness, and agricultural and migrant workers, the residents of public housing, and those with limited English proficiency. And as always, we plan to be very inclusive across jurisdictions.

So in this initial phase, we will include at least one community health center in each state and territory. As the program further scales, vaccines will become available to all 1,400 community health centers across states and territories, should they want to participate.

JEFF ZIENTS: Equity is core to our strategy to put this pandemic behind us. And equity means that we are reaching everyone, particularly those in underserved and rural communities and those who have been hit hardest by this pandemic.