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    The US needs to give up on Venezuela. Just accept that Venezuelans don't want to be America's vassal
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    for the sake of majority, do whatever it takes
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    Translation US policy has failed everywhere else so they are back to where they started. Maduro isn't going anywhere as long as Trump is running the USA.

    Please we are now calling coke a weapon of mass destruction, only if it's your bank account...
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    This is not a earth Quake , no after shocks at all , our GOV is blowing up Underground bunkers i promise you do not be miss led there lying too us.
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    Venezuela must give up Socialism, or lose all foreign aid.
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    Venezuela said no.
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    Maybe Betsy can tell us about the indictments against her brother for plotting to overthrow a foreign government? His company Blackhawk a leading Trump campaign donor has been banging the drum for Trump to go to war with Venezuela since day one so his company can loot and auction off Venezuela's nationalized resources just like how Bush and Chenney looted Iraq's resources and then sold them off to their campaign donors despite having zero legal claim to those resources. In fact the indictments detail an investment scheme where his company has been selling shares in these resources in a "post war" Venezuela. But don't worry America no Trump's will EVER be harmed in making these plans a reality because that's what your children are for!
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    5 people will last till money get there then one
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    " Give me a clear line of sight for up to a mile and this war will be over.".