White House press secretary on low Biden approval ratings: ‘We get it’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Sunday responded to recent polling showing record low approval ratings for President Biden, saying, “We get it.”

“We’ve said this before. It’s like, we get it. We understand what the American people are feeling at this time,” Jean-Pierre told ABC’s Jonathan Karl on “This Week.”

Jean-Pierre on Sunday stressed that inflation and high costs for Americans are the “No. 1 priority” for the White House to address and lauded the new Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the House on Friday after a 51-50 vote in the Senate.

The press secretary also pushed back against concerns by some that the multibillion-dollar climate, tax and health care bill will not actually tamp down inflation.

“There’s more to it. It’s just it was the way that Republicans did that was so that it could make an argument that is false. It is going to fight inflation,” Jean-Pierre said. “It has been proven and has been said by economists across the board on the Republican side and on the Democrat side.”

Biden has faced new polls showing record low approval numbers for his presidency, with particular upset at his handling of the economy.

Jean-Pierre on Sunday emphasized that Biden intends to run for a second presidential term in 2024, despite record low support for a reelection bid — though she said that the administration is currently focusing on 2022.

The 79-year-old president has dismissed concerns about his age, insisting that the American people “want me to run.”

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