White Louisiana High School Secretary Fired After Calling MLK Day 'N-Word Day'

A Louisiana high school secretary was fired for allegedly making a racist joke about MLK Day.

According to the Daily Mail, Newlyn Poland Fontana sent a text to her colleague referring to Martin Luther King day as “n***er day.”

The text conversation was shared by activist and organizer leader Walter Geno McLaughlin on Facebook. On Monday, McLaughlin posted the Ouachita Parish high school employee’s discussion.

“What she didn’t realize is that she accidentally sent her hate-filled message to the wrong person,” the caption read.

The post shows the screenshotted text thread and a headshot of Fontana. The texts were meant to be sent to a person named “coach,” who Fontana thought she was joking with about the Civil Rights activist MLK. Fontana also referred to MLK as “Mark.”

The principal of Ouachita Parish Junior High School addressed the Facebook backlash and explained that Fontana was asked to quit her job as soon as the incident came to his attention, Meaww reports.

Members of the community commented under McLoughlin’s post stating they wanted her fired without benefits.

“Not firing her means she gets her benefits, which comes from taxpayers. This should continue to be protested to see who she was communicating with and if they are in the school district as well. We need to come together and protect our babies from people like her. Don’t let her forget it,” a user commented.

“Ridiculous! Taxpayers continue to pay her for her blatant and outright disrespect. We still say, ‘We Shall Overcome’ in 2023! because of crap like this! No way should she have been allowed to resign! another commented.

“She needed to be fired! Allowing her to resign also allows her to get her retirement,” another person wrote.

Nelwyn Poland Fontana has deactivated her Facebook account since the incident and has not made a personal statement.