'White Racist Cops Got My Own Dad': Walter Wallace Jr's Son Addresses Media

Walter Wallace Jr’s family held a press conference in front of their Locust Street home on October 27, steps away from where the 27-year-old father was shot by police.

Speaking at the conference, Cathy Wallace, Walter Wallace Jr’s mother, said, “I was telling police to stop. Don’t shoot my son, please don’t shoot my son.” She added, “They paid me no mind, and shot my son.”

Walter Wallace Jr was the father of eight children, according to local media. His eldest son, Zamir Wallace, also spoke at the press conference. “We used to always play around … He used to always teach me how to be a man.” Zamir Wallace said, " White racist cops got my own dad, and black lives still matter."

Walter Wallace Jr’s wife is pregnant with his ninth child, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The shooting sparked protests across the city, with looting also reported on the nights of October 26 and 27.

Police said 30 officers were injured during protests on Monday, including a female officer whose leg was broken when she was struck by a vehicle.

This footage was captured by local photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Tahir Asad and shows Zamir Wallace’s emotional address. Credit: Virtuous Lion Productions, LLC via Storyful