White Sox fans look forward to attending games again

Saturday's White Sox game was postponed due to weather.

Video Transcript

JOHN GARCIA: Hey Judy, you know, as Larry mentioned, the rain seems to have let up here outside Guaranteed Rate Field right now. About 10,000 fans inside the ballpark right now hoping that that will remain the case long enough for them to get this game started. They are anxious to see some baseball after a year or so in absence.

The experience may be different from what fans are used to, from pre-assigned parking paid for by your phone--

- Nope, I'm gonna scan it.

JOHN GARCIA: --to the cashless entry gates. Fans even order concessions on their phones. But nevertheless, Opening Day is a tradition for many families, and Jimmy Belinski is hoping to keep it alive with his 8-year-old son, Liam.

JIMMY BELINSKI: My grandfather used to bring me to the games, so now I want to carry the tradition and take my son.

JOHN GARCIA: Michael Tallon has never missed an Opening Day his entire life. His parents first took him as a newborn 33 years ago.

MICHAEL TALLON: My family always grew up big Sox fans, and I just kind of followed that lead, I guess.

JOHN GARCIA: The Sox say they're going to great lengths to keep fans safe, from mandating everyone wear masks at all times, to sanitizing the seating areas with electrostatic spray. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is among fans heading in. Her office is limiting seating capacity to 25%, though the Sox are hoping that will increase as the season goes on.

BROOKS BOYER: We're willing to be patient to be able to get fans in here, and we'll take what we can get.

JOHN GARCIA: In the meantime, many Sox fans are predicting big things for the team this season, hoping to build on last year's playoff appearance.

TED STEINBRECHER: Absolutely a big year. We're going to the World Series. That's the only way to go.

JOHN GARCIA: It starts here, right?

TED STEINBRECHER: It starts here today.

JOHN GARCIA: Well, hopefully it does indeed begin today. We are waiting for word right now, of course, from the weather department. But again, all those fans inside waiting to watch the Sox take on the Kansas City Royals. Live outside Guaranteed Rate Stadium, John Garcia, ABC 7 Eyewitness News. Back to you.

JUDY HSU: OK John, fingers crossed that we'll get the game in. Thank you.