White supremacist convicted in grisly Hingham double murder seeks parole

39-year-old James Winquist, convicted of two counts of second-degree murder for the baseball bat deaths of two men in Hingham’s Bare Cove Park in 2005, appeared before the state Parole Board Thursday seeking his freedom.

Winquist and another man, Eric Snow, founders of a local white supremacist group called Brotherhood of Blood were arrested in 2007 for beating victims William Chrapan and David Lyons to death with baseball bats.

They later allegedly bragged about the murders at a party.

Eric Snow committed suicide in 2012 before trial.

At his parole hearing, James Winquist described the horrific murders, saying he held a flashlight while Snow first killed Chrapan while Lyons begged for mercy.

“I heard him assaulting the first one with a bat. While he was doing that, the one I was watching was trying to plead with me, asking me, why I was there, I told him to stay there and be quiet. To shut up,” Winquist told the Parole Board.

After the murders, Winqust said he held up Chrapan’s lifeless arm while Snow used a saw to cut off Chrapans hand to keep as a trophy.

At his parole hearing, Winquist admitted he has a large swastika tattoo inked onto his chest. But he insisted, the tattoo, and even the group, was all for show.

“Honestly, we liked the skinhead style look and belief. That was what we emulated. More or less, we were friends that grew up in similar ways,” Winquist said.

But the case’s original prosecutor urged the parole board not to be fooled. He said as he listened to jailhouse phone calls it was obvious Winquist and Snow were true believers.

Victim William Chrapan’s sister urged the board to keep Winquist in prison.

“He should never be given grace. He should never be able to breathe freedom, he should die in prison. He chose this life. When he chose to end my brother’s life ,” Leslee Barbosa told the Parole Board.

There is no timetable or schedule for when the Parole Board will make a ruling.

A decision could come at any time.

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