White Teacher Files 'Anti-White Racism' Complaint Against NY School Over Nooses

Photo: Arthur Mackey Jr. via CNN
Photo: Arthur Mackey Jr. via CNN

Ohhh brother. A white woman who works as a teacher in Long Island, New York, filed a complaint against her school district alleging that she was subject to “anti-white racism.” Why? She said she was blamed for a poster depicting nooses.

Back in 2019, the Roosevelt Union Free School District entered the spotlight after a local pastor lit them up on Facebook over an offensive back-to-school image. Pastor Arthur Mackey Jr. claimed he received a cropped image of a bulletin board display showing a picture of two nooses with pink stickers sloppily placed about with a label reading “back to school necklaces,” just above.

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Her complaint alleges that after the district was informed of the display - that was in another teacher’s classroom—they didn’t even instruct the teacher to remove it nor did they remove it themselves. Instead, the complaint says Jones Doering removed it herself and locked it in her cabinet.

Next thing you know, all hell broke loose.

Read more from her complaint:

On February 8, 2019, Plaintiff was contacted by the other teacher who had the collage in her classroom and informed her that Human Resources (“H.R.”) wanted to meet with her and asked Plaintiff to appear with her at the meeting as her Union Representative. Plaintiff immediately contacted H.R. to confirm the meeting and eventually represented that teacher as her Union Representative. Following the meeting with H.R., the other teacher was given a suspension letter and then H.R. gave Plaintiff a suspension letter as well.

Shocked of this turn of events, Plaintiff questioned this surprising move by Defendants but the latter refused to provide any information regarding her suspension.

The School District notified people from the community and the public that Plaintiff was suspended and falsely accused her of displaying the collage in her classroom, which are completely false and fabricated accusations.

In 2022, Jones Doering was exonerated of all charges and accusations before the Teacher Tenure Hearing Unit. Now, she claims the district and the other defendants led a racist hate-campaign against her because she is white and invited the public to drag her too.

“No other Black teacher at the school district was falsely accused of being racist, of displaying racially infused or suggestive collage or pictures, or was publicly defamed and had [their] reputation and name destroyed based on such false accusations,” the complaint reads.

Jones Doering claimed as a result of being subject to slander, she suffered humiliation and extreme emotional distress. She demands a jury trial and lists Roosevelt Union Free School District and the Board of Education of the school district as defendants as well as a slew of Jane and John Does.

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