'Whiteout, Brutal Conditions' On Interstate 70, Closures In Colorado Foothills & Out East

Authorities are having trouble keeping Interstate 70 open in Colorado's foothills during the major snowstorm that's slamming the state on Sunday. Late Sunday morning officials announced that things aren't going well on the Eastern Plains, either.

Video Transcript

- It's really just best to avoid travel right now. In fact, CDOT is telling anyone who is in the high country, just stay put until at least tomorrow. And there are closures across the state. Michael Abeyta is east of the closure on I-70 near 470. And Michael, you've encountered some just whiteout conditions out there at times.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Yeah, Dominic, check it out. I mean, this is I-70 behind me. I bet you couldn't even tell it. I had a guy come up to me earlier over here on the Frontage Road on Colfax near E-470 and I-70. He asked me how to get to St. Louis. I told him, look, buddy if you know, let me know. Because I think we're all stuck in this together.

Speaking of stuck, behind me there are actually some cars stuck on westbound I-70. Those people, they're trying to dig themselves out. They've been out there for a while. Today just not a great day to travel. And you'll see why.

I'm going to show you my drive out here to this live shot location. And as you can see from this video, this is about Smoky Hill Road and [INAUDIBLE] area. I drove up E-470 out here. And the roads are just snow packed.

It's slushy. It's icy. You're sliding around. Visibility is almost nothing. It's a really, really tough drive to get anywhere.

And this isn't very far from my neighborhood, and I had a tough time getting out here. People keep coming up to me and asking me if I'm stuck because there are so many people stuck out here because of these whiteout conditions, because of this snow. And coming up pretty soon here in this video, you'll see when I got off of I-70 onto E-470, I encountered some stuck vehicles. Luckily, there was a state patrol truck there. He was helping people get out, get unstuck that were on the ramp and get moving.

But really, the cars that were out there that didn't have 4-wheel drive, they were just sliding around all over the place. So Dominic, if you can stay home, if you can stay home, just please do it. It is not worth getting out unless it's an emergency. And it has to be an absolute emergency. Because unless you have a big, burly truck like these Tahoes that we have, your chances are, you're going to get stuck like those folks back there. [INAUDIBLE] now reporting live along eastbound I-70, Michael Abeyta for CBSN Denver.

- Yeah, in about another minute we won't be able to see you with that camera lens. Michael, thanks so much.