Whitfield County commissioners seek public input on proposed zoning changes

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May 23—Residents of some Whitfield County neighborhoods would be able to keep rabbits and chickens (but no roosters), and workers would be able to store their tools and work vehicles in their garages at home, under zoning changes being considered by the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners.

"We want the public's input on this," said board Chairman Jevin Jensen.

Residents can find the proposed changes as well as a link to send their feedback on the county website (whitfieldcountyga.com).

The current plan is to present the proposal to the Dalton-Whitfield County Planning Commission for feedback when it meets on June 28. The planning commission won't vote on the proposal then but at its July meeting. If the planning commission approves the changes, they will go to the county commissioners for final approval at their August meeting.

Whitfield County resident Allen Hiatt said they sound like good proposals.

"To be honest, I think some people are bringing their work vehicles home already," he said.

Jensen said some of the changes have been prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in more people working from home. Others he said are just some updating that has been discussed for some time.

"We've got a lot of housing construction in the pipeline," he said. "We need more, and we want to encourage those skilled craftsmen — carpenters, plumbers, masonry workers — to not only work here but to live here. If they can keep tools and supplies and things like that in a garage, we think that would encourage that. We aren't only trying to attract the young college grads but those skilled craftsmen."

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