Whoopi Goldberg's Granddaughter Amara Skye One Frustrating Aspect Of Their Relationship: 'You Love Her, But She's Annoying'

Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter Amara Skye, who is on ABC’s Claim to Fame, spoke about the frustrating part about having the EGOT winner as her grandmother.

Essence talked to Amara Skye about her relationship with her grandmother and what it was like to make her TV debut on ABC’s Claim to Fame. For instance, she said that Goldberg supported her decision to go on the show, even though both she and Amara Skye initially had doubts about the shows legitimacy.

"She was scared," said Amara Skye. "But after everything went the way that it was supposed to go, she was happy. The best advice she gave me was to just do what [I] gotta do and come back stronger, better and, you know, prepared [because] this is my big break."

Skye said she never wanted to try a career in acting. Instead, she focuses on her career as n artist and also loves production and storytelling.

“I love creating stories. I love all of that stuff,” she said. “My mind is just so filled with thoughts and things that I feel need to be put out there. I don’t know how to put them out there, but I know that it needs to be heard.”

She also talked about how close she is with her family,

She said, “My grandmother’s mother raised me for a little bit. My grandmother is a great-grandmother to my daughter. So we’ve all created that connection. There’s only five of us in our family. We’re all we’ve got so we take each other real close.”

"Me and my grandma are super close, she's everything," Amara Skye said, and that closeness even includes sharing the same birthday.

But she seemed to talk about how it can be to have a famous grandmother.

“It gets frustrating because it’s like, how am I going to compete with that? But I’m lucky enough to have that,” she continued.

"…I just feel like people know my grandmother for being Whoopi," she continued.

“She’s iconic, she’s political, everything she says holds water, but that’s the viewer’s eyes. She’s my grandmother and she’s also really a grandmother. People who are lucky enough to have them know, grandmothers are annoying and it’s another parent. You love her, but she’s annoying, and you know, it’s family.”