Who's on the ballot in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam in the 2023 Election?

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The early voting period in New York is from Oct. 28 to Nov. 5.

Here's what's on ballots in the Lower Hudson Valley - in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

2023 Elections Westchester, Rockland, Putnam election results

State-wide Propositions

Two state constitutional amendment proposals will be on the ballot this year. Both involve debt limits to local governments and school districts.

Removal of Small City School Districts from Special Constitutional Debt Limitation

  • The proposed amendment to Article 8, Section 4 of the Constitution removes the special constitutional debt limitation now placed on small city school districts, so they will be treated the same as all other school districts. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?

Extending Sewage Project Debt Exclusion From Debt Limit

  • The proposed amendment to Article 8, Section 5 of the Constitution extends for ten years the authority of counties, cities, towns, and villages to remove from their constitutional debt limits debt for the construction of sewage facilities. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?


Supreme Court Justice 9th Judicial District (Vote for four)

  • Francesca E. Connolly (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Charley Wood (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Rolf M. Thorsen (Democrat, Conservative)

  • Larry J. Schwartz (Democrat, Conservative)

  • John A. Sarcone III (Republican)

  • Karen A. Ostberg (Republican)

  • Susan M. Sullivan-Bisceglia (Republican)

  • John Ciampoli (Republican)


County Court Judge (Vote for one)

  • Ann B. Bianchi (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Stephen P. Dewey (Republican)

Westchester County Legislator (Vote for one)

District 1

  • Colin D. Smith (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Joe Torres (Republican, Conservative)

District 2

  • Erika Lang Pierce (Democrat, Working Families) *

District 3

  • Margaret A. Cunzio (Republican, Conservative) *

District 4

  • Vedat Gashi (Democrat) *

  • Daniel J. Branda (Republican)

District 5

  • Benjamin Boykin II (Democrat, Working Families) *

District 6

  • Nancy E. Barr (Democrat) *

District 7

  • Catherine F. Parker (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Katie Manger (Republican, Conservative)

District 8

  • Jewel Johnson (Democrat, Working Families) *

District 9

  • Emiljana Ulaj (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Laurie Abbate-Ryan (Republican)

District 10

  • Judah J. Holstein (Democrat)

  • Beth Acocella (Republican, Common Sense)

District 11

  • Terry A. Clements (Democrat) *

  • John T. Hynes (Republican, Neighborhood Party)

District 12

  • David T. Imamura (Democrat, Working Families) *

District 13

  • Tyrae Woodson-Samuels (Democrat) *

District 14

  • David Tubiolo (Democrat, Working Families) *

District 15

  • Ruth Walter (Democrat, Working Families)

  • James M. Nolan (Republican, Conservative) *

District 16

  • Shanae V. Williams (Democrat)

  • Debbie Kozak (Republican, Conservative)

District 17

  • Jose Alvarado (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Jose L. Diaz (Republican, Conservative)

City Court Judge

Mount Vernon (Vote for one)

  • Tamika A. Coverdale (Democrat) *

Yonkers (Vote for two)

  • Arthur J. Doran III (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Karen T. Beltran (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Nicholas A. Speranza (Republican)

Mayor (Vote for one)


  • Brian J. Pugh (Democrat, Working Families) *


  • Omayra Andino (Democrat, Bipartisan Party) *

  • Joseph Scooter Scott (Republican, Common Sense)


  • Nancy Kaboolian (Democrat) *

Dobbs Ferry

  • Vincent Rossillo (Democrat) *

  • Edmond F. Manley III (Dobbs Ferry United)

  • Justin B. Kurian (Dobbs Ferry Rivertown Party)


  • Nicola C. Armacost (Democrat) *


  • Jonathan A. Siegel (Democrat)


  • Karen Brown (Democrat) *

  • Douglas J. Zollo (Republican, Village First)


  • Thomas Murphy (Democratic, Working Families) *

  • Sharon R. Torres (Building Bridges Party)

Mount Kisco

  • Lisa C. Abzun (Democrat)

  • J. Michael Cindrich (Village Inclusive Party)


  • Chance W. Mullen (Democrat) *

Mount Vernon

  • Shawyn Patterson-Howard (Democrat, Working Families) *

New Rochelle

  • Yadira Ramos-Herbert (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Louis J. Trangucci (Republican, Common Sense)


  • Vivian Cyndi McKenzie (Democrat) *


  • Mike Spano (Democrat) *

  • Anthony J. Merante (Republican, Restore Term Limits)

Town Supervisor (Vote for one)


  • Ellen Z. Calves (Democrat) *


  • Richard H. Becker (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Warren A. Smith, Sr. (Republican, Concerned Taxpayers)


  • Anthony S. Colavita (Republican, Common Sense) *


  • Paul J. Feiner (Democrat) *

Harrison Supervisor/Mayor

  • Mark S. Jaffe (Democrat)

  • Richard M. Dionisio (Republican) *


  • Antonio J. Goncalves (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Mary Ann Loustaunau (Republican, Conservative)


  • Jaine Elkind Eney (Democrat) *

Mount Pleasant

  • Frank R. Hrotko (Democrat)

  • Carl J. Fulgenzi (Republican, Conservative) *

New Castle

  • Victoria Bayard Tipp (Democrat)

North Castle

  • Joseph A. Rende (Democrat, North Castle United)

  • Barbara W. DiGiacinto (Republican, Conservative)

North Salem

  • Warren J. Lucas (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Elizabeth R. Feldman (Democrat, Working Families) *


  • Daniel W. McLaughlin (Republican, Neighborhood Party) *

Pound Ridge

  • Kevin C. Hansan (Democrat) *

  • John D. McCown (Pound Ridge Party)

Rye Town

  • Gary J. Zuckerman (Democrat) *

  • Noelia Candelaria (Republican, Conservative)


  • Robert G. Scorrano (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Jann Mirchandani (Democrat)

  • Thomas P. Diana (Republican, Conservative) *

New Rochelle Council (Vote for one)

District 1

  • Martha L. Lopez (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Philip A. Sidoti (Republican, Common Sense)

District 2

  • Albert A. Tarantino Jr. (Republican)*

District 3

  • David Peters (Democrat)

  • Kwamain L. Dixon (Working Families)

District 4

  • Shane Osinloye (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Patricia Zaffo (Republican)

District 5

  • Sara R. Kaye (Democrat) *

  • Judy Jakab-DeRocco (Republican)

District 6

  • Matthew A. Stern (Democrat)

  • Joseph I. Farca (Republican, Common Sense)

Yonkers Council (Vote for one)

District 1

  • Deana Robinson (Democrat)

  • Shatika Parker (Working Families)

District 3

  • Tasha Diaz (Democrat) *

  • Hector Santiago (Working Families)

District 5

  • Michael B. Breen (Republican, Conservative) *


Bedford (Vote for two)

  • Bobbi M. Bittker (Democrat) *

  • Thomas W. Catoliato (Democrat) *

  • Mike Palladino (Republican)

  • Don Scott (Republican)

Cortlandt (Vote for two)

  • Robert E. Mayes (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Joyce C. White (Democrat, Working Families)

  • George C. Pappas (Republican, Concerned Taxpayers)

  • Ryan Mulcahy (Republican, Concerned Taxpayers)

Eastchester (Vote for two)

  • Sheila Marcotte (Republican, Common Sense) *

  • Anthony S. Giacobbe (Republican, Common Sense)

  • Robert A. Fois (Conservative)

Greenburgh (Vote for two)

  • Gina R. Jackson (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Beatrice Joy Haber (Democrat)

  • Manni Areces (Greenburgh Together)

Harrison - Council/Trustee (Vote for two)

  • Zachary E. Sheinberg (Democrat)

  • Helen Pesce (Democrat)

  • Michael J. DiConstanzo (Republican)

  • Angela Vaccaro (Republican)

Lewisboro (Vote for two)

  • Richard S. Sklarin (Democrat) *

  • Daniel X. Welsh, Jr. (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Stephen Lennox (Republican, Conservative)

  • Alison G. Biddle (Republican, Conservative)

Mamaroneck (Vote for two)

  • Jeffery L. King (Democrat) *

  • Anant Nambiar (Democrat)

Mount Pleasant (Vote for two)

  • Joseph Bonnano (Democrat)

  • Charles K. Caspari (Democrat)

  • Danielle Zaino (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Mark Saracino (Republican, Conservative)

New Castle (Vote for two)

  • Alexandra L. Chemtob (Democrat) *

  • Jennifer Klein (Democrat)

  • Jeremy M. Saland (Democrat) *

North Castle (Vote for two)

  • Jose L. Berra (Democrat) *

  • Saleem Hussain (Democrat) *

  • Melvin Orellana (Republican, Conservative)

  • Lawrence J. Ruisi (Republican, Conservative)

North Salem (Vote for two)

  • Katherine J. Daniels (Democrat, Balanced Rock Party) *

  • Brent S. Golisano (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Elizabeth A. Almeyda (Republican, Conservative)

Ossining (Vote for two)

  • Matthew J. Weiss (Democrat) *

  • Gregory G. Meyer (Democrat) *

Pelham (Vote for two)

  • Kristen M. Burke (Democrat, Pelham Now) *

  • Maura E. Curtin (Democrat, Pelham Now) *

  • Clive J. Anderson (Republican, Neighborhood Party)

Pound Ridge (Vote for two)

  • Alison Boak (Democrat) *

  • Namasha H. Schelling (Democrat)

  • Christopher Boey (Pound Ridge First)

  • Cynthia L. Shereda (Pound Ridge Party)

  • Susan L. Lee (Pound Ridge Party)

Rye Town (Vote for two)

  • Randy Sellier (Democrat)

  • Pamela Jaffee (Democrat) *

  • Pasquale Lagana (Republican, Conservative)

  • Alex Payan (Republican, Conservative)

Somers (Vote for two)

  • Richard G. Clinchy (Democrat, Republican)

  • Thomas A. Garrity, Jr. (Democrat, Republican)

Yorktown (Vote for two)

  • Edward A. Lachterman (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Patrick J. Murphy (Republican, Conservative)

  • Steven J. Shaw (Democrat)

  • Thomas Marron (Democrat)

Mount Vernon (Vote for two)

  • Derrick Thompson (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Jaevon Boxhill (Democrat, Working Families)

Peekskill (Vote for three)

  • Kathleen E. Talbot (Democrat) *

  • Patricia Riley (Democrat) *

  • Brian R. Fassett (Democrat) *

Rye City (Vote for three)

  • Lori Fontanes (Democrat) *

  • Jamie S. Jensen (Democrat)

  • Joshua Nathan (Democrat)

  • Keith T. Cunningham (Republican)

White Plains (Vote for three)

  • Victoria F. Presser (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Jennifer L. Puja (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Jeremiah Frei-Pearson (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Enrique C. Jinete (Republican)

  • Charles Lederman (Republican)

Town Clerk (Vote for one)


  • Joseph D. Dooley, Jr. (Republican, Common Sense)


  • Lisa M. Nero (Democrat)

  • Judith A. Beville (Greenburgh Together) *

Harrison Town/Village Clerk

  • Jackie Greer (Democrat, Republican) *


  • Janet L. Donohue (Democrat, Republican, Conservative) *


  • Allison L. May (Democrat) *

Mount Pleasant

  • Emily A. Costanza (Republican, Conservative) *

North Castle

  • Alison Simon (Democrat) *

North Salem

  • Maria C. Hlushko (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Susanne Donnelly (Democrat) *


  • Antoinette T. Clemente (Republican, Neighborhood Party) *

Pound Ridge

  • Erin Trostle (Democrat) *


  • Patricia Kalba (Democrat, Republican, Conservative)*


  • Diana L. Quast (Democrat, Working Families)*

  • Jenna Lennox-Belcastro (Republican, Conservative)

Town/Village Justice

Cortlandt (Vote for one)

  • Maritza Fugaro-Norton (Democrat, Working Families) *

Eastchester (Vote for two)

  • Janet R. Madonia-Calano (Republican, Common Sense) *

  • Frederick Salanitro (Republican, Common Sense) *

Greenburgh (Vote for one)

  • Delores Scott Brathwaite (Democrat) *

Hastings-on-Hudson (Vote for one)

  • Peter A. Kolbert (Democrat)

Tarrytown (Vote for one)

  • Kyle C. McGovern (Democrat) *

Harrison (Vote for one)

  • Pasquale Gizzo (Republican) *

Lewisboro (Vote for one)

  • Susan C. Simon (Democrat, Republican, Conservative) *

Mamaroneck (Vote for one)

  • Jean Marie Brescia (Democrat)

Larchmont (Vote for one)

  • Jerry D. Bernstein (Democrat) *

Mount Pleasant (Vote for one)

  • Robert J. Ponzini (Republican, Conservative) *

New Castle (Vote for one)

  • Douglas M. Kraus (Democrat) *

North Castle (Vote for one)

  • Elyse Lazansky (Democrat) *

North Salem (Vote for two)

  • John M. Aronian IV (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Daniel A. Seymour (Republican, Conservative) *

Ossining (Vote for two)

  • Mark I. Reisman (Democrat) *

  • Benjamin Leavitt (Democrat) *

Pelham (Vote for one)

  • John F. De Chiaro (Republican, Neighborhood Party)

  • Adam B. Kagan (Democrat, Pelham Now) *

Pound Ridge (Vote for one)

  • Matthew E. Brotmann (Democrat) *

Rye Town (Vote for one)

  • Anthony M. Provenzano (Democrat) *

Scarsdale (Vote for two)

  • Jeffrey L. Levin (Democrat) *

  • Catherine C. Souther (Republican)

Somers (Vote for two)

  • Michael J. McDermott (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Joseph A. Marra (Republican, Conservative)

Yorktown (Vote for one)

  • Gary J. Raniolo (Republican, Conservative) *

Village Trustee

Croton-on-Hudson (Vote for two)

  • Cara J. Politi (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Nora M. Nicholson (Democrat, Working Families)*

Tuckahoe (Vote for two)

  • Joshua P. Gaccione (Democrat, Bipartisan Party) *

  • Danny Lang (Republican, Common Sense)

  • Claudia Francis-DeMaio (Republican, Common Sense)

  • Darryl L. Taylor (Bipartisan Party) *

Ardsley (Vote for two)

  • Andy DiJusto (Democrat) *

  • Sheila Narayanan (Democrat)

Dobbs Ferry (Vote for three)

  • Michael K. Patino (Democrat) *

  • Shari Rosen Ascher (Democrat) *

  • Matthew J. Rosenberg (Democrat) *

  • Matthew T. DiStefano (Dobbs Ferry Rivertown Party)

  • Anthony M. Venditto (Dobbs Ferry Rivertown Party)

  • Nicholas Capuano (Dobbs Ferry Rivertown Party)

Hastings (Vote for two)

  • Thomas H. Drake (Democrat) *

  • Douglass L. Alligood (Democrat)

Irvington (Vote for two)

  • Mitchell T. Bard (Democrat) *

  • Arlene Burgos (Democrat) *

Tarrytown (Vote for three)

  • Rebecca N. McGovern (Democrat) *

  • David Kim (Democrat) *

  • Effie G. Phillips-Staley (Democrat) *

  • Haydee L. McCarthy (Republican, Village First)

  • John J. Callanan (Republican, Village First)

  • Peter R. Bartolacci (Republican, Village First)

Larchmont (Vote for two)

  • Dana L. Post (Democrat) *

  • Bridgid T. Brennan (Democrat) *

Mamaroneck (Vote for one)

  • Nora A. Lucas (Democrat, Building Bridges Party) *

  • Mallory C. Chinn (Working Families)

Mount Kisco (Vote for two)

  • Jean M. Farber (Democrat)

  • Karine P. Patino (Democrat) *

  • Theresa A. Mazzaro-Flora (Village Inclusive Party)

  • Angie Garcia-Guerra (Village Inclusive Party)

Ossining (Vote for two)

  • Robert M. Fritsche (Democrat) *

  • Omar Lopez (Democrat) *

Pelham (Vote for three)

  • Michael N. Carpenter (Democrat) *

  • Theresa K. Mohan (Democrat)

  • Donald Otondi (Democrat) *

Mt. Kisco Library Trustee (Vote for two)

  • Write-In

Rec of Taxes (Vote for one)


  • Rocco N. Cacciola (Republican, Common Sense) *

Rye Town

  • Nicholas C. Mecca (Democrat) *

Highway superintendent (Vote for One)


  • John W. Winter (Democrat, Republican, Conservative)*

Mount Pleasant

  • Richard B. Benkwitt (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Peter J. Connolly (Democrat) *


  • Nicholas J. Devito (Democrat, Republican, Conservative) *


District Attorney (Vote for one)

  • Robert V. Tendy (Republican, Conservative) *

County Legislator (Vote for one)

District 2

  • Maggie Ploener (Democrat, Working Families)

  • William J. Gouldman (Republican, Conservative) *

District 3

  • Kathy Kahng (Democrat)

  • Toni E. Addonizio (Republican, Conservative) *

District 8

  • Amy E. Sayegh (Republican, Conservative) *

Supervisor (Vote for one)


  • Michael S. Cazzari (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Jaime F. McGlasson (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Michael J. Sudol (Republican)

  • Richard D. Williams, Sr. (Conservative) *


  • John J. VanTassel (Democrat, Team Philipstown) *

Putnam Valley

  • *Jacqueline Annabi (Republican, Conservative)


  • Nicholas R. Durante (Republican)

  • Robert S. Cullen (Conservative)

Councilmember (Vote for two)


  • Jerome K. Mitchell (Democrat)

  • Kathleen M. Valletta (Democrat)

  • Robert T. Kearns (Republican, Conservative)

  • Frank D. Lombardi (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Courtney M. Steininger (Democrat)

  • Christopher C. Ruthven (Republican, Conservative)

  • Shaun C. Boyd (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Joseph P. Capasso (Republican)

  • Laura E. Russo (Republican)

  • Peter W. Muentener (Conservative)

  • Shawn E. Rogan (Conservative)


  • Judith A. Farrell (Democrat, Team Philipstown) *

  • Robert Flaherty (Democrat, Conservative, Team Philipstown) *

  • Neal A. Tomann (Republican, Conservative)

Putnam Valley

  • Brooke O. Anderson (Democrat)

  • Sherry A. Howard (Democrat, Conservative)

  • Louis N. Luongo (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Patricia A. Villanova (Republican)


  • Wendy Lewis (Republican, Conservative)

  • Alessandro Mazzotta (Republican, Conservative)

Town Clerk (Vote for one)


  • Alice T. Daly (Republican, Conservative)


  • Donna M. Ramos (Republican, Conservative)


  • Tara K. Percacciolo (Democrat, Team Philipstown) *

Putnam Valley

  • Kimberly M. McKeown (Republican, Conservative)


  • Kathleen A. Chiudina (Republican, Conservative)

Highway Superintendent (Vote for one)


  • Gerard C. Ahler, Jr. (Republican, Conservative)


  • Edward D. Foster, Jr. (Republican, Conservative)


  • Adam Hotaling (Democrat, Team Philipstown) *

Putnam Valley

  • Shawn M. Keeler (Democratic, Conservative) *

  • Mark H. Pawera (Republican)


  • Michael E. Burdick (Republican, Conservative) *

Town Justice


  • Thomas J. Jacobellis (Republican, Conservative)*


  • Angela Thompson-Tinsley (Democrat, Team Philipstown)

  • Randall J. Chiera (Republican, Conservative)

Carmel Receiver of Taxes (Vote for one)

  • Kathleen S. Kraus (Republican, Conservative) *

Mayor (Vote for one)


  • James J. Schoenig (Best for Brewster) *

Cold Spring

  • Kathleen E. Foley (Forge Ahead) *

Village Trustee (Vote for two)


  • Christine M. Piccini (Best for Brewster) *

  • George J. Gaspar (Best for Brewster) *

Cold Spring

  • Eliza A. Starbuck (Forge Ahead) *

  • Aaron B. Freimark (Forge Ahead)


District Attorney (Vote for one)

  • Thomas E. Walsh III (Democrat, Republican, Conservative) *

Sheriff (Vote for one)

  • Louis Falco III (Democrat, Conservative) *

Family Court Judge (Vote for one)

  • Christopher Exias (Democrat, Conservative, Working Families)

County Legislator (Vote for one)

District 1

  • Douglas J. Jobson (Republican, Conservative) *

District 2

  • Paul C. Cleary (Democrat, Conservative)

  • Ronny Diz (Republican)

District 3

  • Jay Hood Jr. (Democrat, Conservative) *

District 4

  • Itamar J. Yeger (Democrat, Conservative) *

District 5

  • Patricia Halo (Democrat)

  • Lon M. Hofstein (Republican, Conservative) *

District 6

  • Alden H. Wolfe (Democrat) *

District 7

  • Philip Soskin (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Avrohom Yankelewitz (Republican)

District 8

  • Toney L. Earl, Sr. (Democrat, Conservative) *

District 9

  • Raymond W. Sheridan III (Republican, Conservative)

District 10

  • Beth Davidson (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Ray Francis (Republican, Conservative)

District 11

  • David R. Bruen (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Will Kennelly (Republican, Conservative)

District 12

  • Jesse Malowitz (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Ariel Dahan (Republican, Conservative)

  • Charles J. Falciglia (End Corruption) *

District 13

  • Aron B. Wieder (Democrat, Conservative) *

District 14

  • Aney Paul (Democrat, Conservative) *

District 15

  • Joel Friedman (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Elye Kramer (Republican, Infrastructure)

District 16

  • Daniel A. Johnson (Democrat)

  • Thomas F. Diviny (Republican, Conservative)

District 17

  • Dana Stilley (Democrat, Working Families)

  • James J. Foley (Republican, Conservative)*

Town Supervisor (Vote for one)


  • Justin L. Sweet (Democrat, Conservative)

  • George Hoehmann (Republican) *


  • Howard T. Phillips, Jr. (Democrat, Conservative) *


  • Teresa M. Kenny (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Michael B. Specht (Democrat, Conservative) *

Stony Point

  • Jim Monaghan (Republican, Conservative) *

Town Council (Vote for one)

Clarkstown Ward 1

  • Monica L. Ferguson (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Mark W. Woods, Jr. (Republican)

Clarkstown Ward 2

  • Elaine Philhower (Democrat)

  • Mike Graziano (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Brian J. Shanahan (Protect Ward 2)

Clarkstown Ward 3

  • Carl L. Washington III (Democrat)

  • Donald Franchino (Republican, Conservative) *

Clarkstown Ward 4

  • Patrick Carroll (Democrat, Conservative, Working Families) *

  • Daniel Caprara (Republican)

Haverstraw (Vote for two)

  • Ralph W. Kirschkel (Democrat, Conservative)

  • Johnny Ortiz (Democrat, Conservative) *

Orangetown (Vote for two)

  • Brian Burns (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Chrissy Knapp (Democrat)

  • Jerry Bottari (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Paul W. Valentine (Republican, Conservative) *

Ramapo (Vote for two)

  • Brendel Logan-Charles (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Michael H. Rossman (Democrat, Conservative)*

Stony Point (Vote for two)

  • Ellie Kassner (Democrat, Working Families)

  • Paul T. Joachim (Republican, Conservative) *

  • Michael J. Puccio (Republican, Conservative) *

Town Clerk (Vote for one)


  • Jeffrey M. Greenberg (Democrat)

  • Lauren M. Wohl (Republican, Conservative)


  • Raquel Ventura (Democrat, Conservative) *


  • Rosanna Sfraga (Republican, Conservative)*

Stony Point

  • Megan A. Carey (Republican, Conservative) *

Town Justice

Clarkstown (Vote for 3)

  • David Ascher (Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Working Families ) *

  • Howard Gerber (Democrat, Working Families) *

  • Aimee Pollack (Democrat, Conservative, Working Families)

  • Kevin F. Hobbs (Republican, Conservative)

  • Michael Bongiorno (Republican) *

Orangetown (Vote for 1)

  • Patrick J. Loftus (Republican, Conservative) *

Stony Point (Vote for 1)

  • William F. Franks (Republican, Conservative)*

Highway Superintendent (Vote for one)


  • Bob Milone (Republican, Conservative) *


  • John B. Gordon (Democrat, Conservative)


  • James J. Dean (Republican, Conservative) *


  • Fredric M. Brinn (Democrat, Conservative) *

Stony Point

  • Karl Javenes (Republican, Conservative) *

Mayor (Vote for one)

Village of Haverstraw

  • Michael F. Kohut (Democrat) *

Village of Nyack

  • Joseph W. Rand (Democrat, Working Families)

Village of Piermont

  • Bruce E. Tucker (Democrat) *

Village of Suffern

  • Michael F. Curley (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Tal Simhoni (Republican)

Village of West Haverstraw

  • Robert R. D'Amelio (Democrat, Conservative) *

Village Trustee (Vote for two)

Village of Haverstraw

  • Rafael A. Bueno (Democrat) *

  • Gilbert C. Carlevaro, Jr. (Democrat) *

Village of Nyack

  • Joe Carlin (Democrat)

  • Nathalie Riobe-Taylor (Democrat)

  • Taylor Scott Mandelbaum (Working Families)

Village of Piermont

  • Mark W. Blomquist (Democrat) *

  • Michael E. Wright (Democrat) *

Village of Spring Valley

  • Yisroel Eisenbach (Democrat, Conservative)*

  • Shmuel Smith (Democrat)

Village of Suffern

  • Jo Meegan-Corrigan (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Clarke W. Osborn (Democrat, Conservative)

  • Frank J. Hagen (Republican)*

  • Andrew P. Zavoski (Republican)

Village of Suffern - Unexpired Term (Vote for one)

  • Angela M. Hogue (Democratic, Conservative)

  • Lance S. Weinstein (Republican)

Village of West Haverstraw

  • Ramon Lopez (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Kenia Serrano (Democrat, Conservative) *

  • Kelly M. Bloomer (Republican)

  • Esther Garcia (Republican)

Village Justice (Vote for one)

Village of Haverstraw

  • Ronald V. DeCaprio (Democrat) *

Village of Nyack

  • Robert S. Knoebel, Jr. (Democrat)

Village of Spring Valley

  • Vincent Altieri (Conservative)

This article originally appeared on Rockland/Westchester Journal News: NY Election 2023: Candidates on ballot in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam