Who's the 'loser' now? Abigail Breslin, whose dad died of COVID, shames mask critic

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Actress Abigail Breslin attends the premiere of "Stillwater" at Rose Theatre at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Monday, July 26, 2021, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)
Abigail Breslin at the July 2021 premiere of her movie "Stillwater" in New York City. (Evan Agostini / Invision / Associated Press)

Abigail Breslin posted a photo of herself with others, all clearly enjoying themselves on a Las Vegas roller coaster Monday, captioning the joyful photo, "Vegas, Baby." Of the five people in the photo, only the "Scream Queens" actor had a face covering on.

"Who’s the pathetic loser wearing a mask?," a user going by the name chesty1987 wrote in comments.

Big mistake. Huge.

You see, Breslin lost her father, Michael Breslin, to COVID-19 last February and just wrote about her grief in an emotional Christmas Eve post.

Breslin wrote back to chesty1987, "that pathetic loser would be me, someone who lost their dad due to someone not wearing a mask and giving him Covid. You can kindly go f— off now."

Dozens of other commenters took the actor's side, including one who wrote, "wow! You’re one to talk about pathetic loser! You’re the one talking about someone’s deceased father like he was nothing! How about doing us all a favor and disappearing?! So disrespectful and insensitive! God forbid anything happen to you or a loved one!"

Chesty1987 appears to have had trouble previously on Instagram. The bio visible on their page — the account is private and boasts only a single post as of Wednesday morning — reads, "New account. See how long it lasts this time."

Michael Breslin was 78 when he died Feb. 26, 2021. As she revealed her dad's diagnosis and asked for "prayers and positivity" in a social media post Feb. 10, the day he went on a ventilator, the "Little Miss Sunshine" star said her father had been very careful during the pandemic and hadn't left home since it started, except for doctor appointments.

In her Christmas Eve post, Breslin wrote, "It's hard to know I can't call my daddy and wish him a merry Christmas or send him a gift certificate to a good steakhouse (lol). Some days are harder than others... grief is a tricky little monster. I wish there was an expiration date to missing someone."

She added, "I feel as though I know what he'd be saying right now. I think [it would] be somewhere along the lines of 'why ya crying kid? I'm fiiiiiiine. Don't worry about me! Love you, pretty.'"

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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