Why 49ers' Kyle Shanahan says home-field advantage 'realer' in football

Why Shanahan says home-field advantage is 'realer' in football originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Kyle Shanahan is glad to be back in Levi's Stadium.

Speaking with reporters on Saturday, the 49ers coach explains how playing at home is more important in football compared to other sports.

"I always sense home-field advantage," Shanahan said. "I think home-field advantage has to do with one thing: It has to do with the other team can't jump off the ball as fast."

As a result, Shanahan feels that home-field advantage is "realer" in the NFL as opposed to the NBA, NHL, or MLB.

"Not that I know a lot about other sports, but that's what makes sense to me because cadence is a big deal and when you can't hear the quarterback, it does always give the other team an advantage," Shanahan continued.

Shanahan added that playing in Levi's Stadium gives the 49ers an edge, regardless of their opponent, because of the energy the crowd can give to the players.

"I think our stadium's been real loud and every time we play in our stadium, we feel we have an advantage," Shanahan concluded.

Shanahan's claim that opposing teams might be intimidated by the Levi's Stadium crowd noise might hold some merit.

In the 49ers' last five home games -- all wins -- dating back to the 2021 NFL season, San Francisco has outscored opponents 146-63. What's more, opposing quarterbacks have an average QB rating (QBR) of 42.98 and a passer rating (RTG) of 81.72.

Both numbers are below the average marks, 50 for QBR and 100 for RTG, respectively. The 49ers' quarterbacks, Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, have an average QBR of 64.48 and 134.2 RTG at home.

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While it will take to more research to quantify the true impact home-field advantage has on a team, there's no doubt that having a raucous crowd can help in some way.

Nevertheless, Shanahan and the rest of the 49ers are hoping that a loud crowd at Levi's Stadium can help them get back to their winning ways against the division rival Los Angeles Rams on "Monday Night Football."

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