Why 49ers' sloppy Week 7 win over Washington was historically boring

Marcus White

Even in a game as listless and sloppy as the 49ers' 9-0 win over Washington on Sunday, history can be made. 

The 49ers opened Week 7 as double-digit favorites, but the hosts covered the spread in holding their deficit to nine points. Only one other team has "accomplished" that feat in the last quarter-century, according to ESPN's Doug Kezirian. 

If you thought Sunday's slop-fest was boring, it had nothing on that Steelers-Dolphins game. 

Not only was it played in prime time, on "Monday Night Football," the game featured a whopping 375 yards of combined offense. By contrast, the 49ers and Washington looked more like the '07 Patriots, combining for 437 yards Sunday. At least Washington had won a game headed into Week 7, unlike winless Miami in the rain-soaked snoozer 12 years ago, and San Francisco can say its win somewhat resembled a(n American) football score. 

Still, Sunday's 49ers-Washington scoreline actually is rarer than that of Steelers-Dolphins. Sunday marked just the 30th time in NFL history that a game finished 9-0, and it was only the third time this century.

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By contrast, 59 NFL games have finished with a 3-0 final score. Thankfully, Steelers-Dolphins is the last such instance ... for now.  

The 49ers will take a 6-0 start to the season however they can get it, just as bettors who picked Washington to cover the spread will do the same. For anyone else, though, Sunday's Week 7 "game" was historically boring.

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