Why aren't leaves changing color in Ohio yet?

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While foresters had predicted this week would be the perfect time to take a peek at peak fall foliage, most of central Ohio's trees are still green.

Driving the news: Our unseasonably warm October has unfortunately come at a price. That stretch of high temperatures has many trees behaving as if it's still summer.

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  • Trees sense winter is coming as days get shorter and temperatures drop and stop producing chlorophyll, their green pigment that turns light into food.

  • The remaining pigments let leaves show their "true colors."

What we're watching: Since temperatures are dropping, we're keeping our fingers crossed that those breathtaking reds, yellows and oranges will have time to pop up before winter strikes.

  • Temperatures should be in the 50s and 60s during the day this week, while dipping down into the 40s most nights.

🍁 Check for updates from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources every Thursday.

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