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Nissan's job replacing the Juke as the smallest crossover in its lineup for 2018 was tough: The Juke was cheap, interesting-looking (no, really, it was funky), and fun to drive thanks to its powerful turbocharged engine. It left behind some awfully quirky shoes to fill. So, does its successor, the Kicks, fill them? Yes, albeit with less quirkiness and an even more in-your-face name. Although we don't find the Kicks' styling nearly as charming as the Juke's, Nissan is successfully recasting the new crossover in a more value-conscious direction-and completely nails that target.

Swipe through for 10 reasons why we put the Kicks on our 2019 Editor's Choice list-and why you should put it on your short list for affordable small SUVs.

Why Buy Nissan's Kicks? It's an Incredible Value

Nissan's affordable small crossover is everything it needs to be and slightly more.

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