Why employees love their workplace

Employees had a lot to say about why they love their job. Here are a few quotes from some of the Top Workplaces con­testants:

Large businesses

First United Bank

“I am empowered to impact the lives of my co-workers and the community I serve in. First United invests in my personal and professional development and really cares about my success.”

Ben E. Keith Co.

“I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.”

Capital One Financial Corp.

“I am able to work with a forward-thinking company that cares about people, the community and their customers. I feel like they go above and beyond for their employees.”

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF)

“I feel that I am part of something bigger that is helping humanity for the better. Everyone here is like family and truly cares about each other.”


“I can help motivate and see the progress in my team. I work for a company that encourages us to be a part of my community.”

Webco Industries

“I am challenged every day. I have been given the tools to succeed and I am valued and appreciated for what I do.”

Panda Restaurant Group

“I have an opportunity for growth and I get to work at a place that appreciates me with people who care about me.”

Paycom Software Inc.

“I am able to do what I do best every day. I love the culture of my department and the leadership of it.”

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

“I am able to come in and have fun while working. My managers push me to be better and do better.”

Gateway First Bank

“The teams work together and genuinely seem to like each other. Executive management is very accessible and display caring and concern for their employees.”

Mill Creek Lumber & Supply

“I get to work with a variety of people and tasks. I feel like my role and efforts make a genuine difference.”

Express Employment International

“Leadership practices what they preach. There is a sincere effort to align daily work with overall values.”

Red Rock Behavioral Health Services

“My skills are used in a way that helps me grow as an employee and as a person. I truly feel like management cares about their employees.”

Oklahoma Health Care Authority

“No matter what department you work for at the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, it is a rewarding experience. Everything we touch directly affects the lives of Oklahomans in one way or another.”

Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma

“I love my job because my voice is always heard. The people I work with make my job a lot more fun.”

Yukon Public Schools

“I am challenged to be the best teacher I can be and encouraged every step of the way. My principal is eager to listen and help anytime. My co-workers are the same. I find myself thinking about school things when I am not at school and find excuses to go up and work.”

Stevens Trucking Co

“I get to work with great people in a great industry every day.”

FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center

“I am able to balance my personal life with work. I have support from my management team to be present and involved with my family as well as the opportunity to do my job to the best of my ability.”

St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

“I have the support and flexibility to manage my job and personal life. The benefits are wonderful too.”

OnCue Marketing LLC

“Everyone works well together as a team. I get to see all different types of people and have the right guidance from my superiors to learn new things as well as better my future.”

Avem Health Partners

“I have been given the resources to excel and attain a higher level of education and experience in relation to my position.”

Cooper Auto Group

“I feel genuinely appreciated and motivated to achieve more and make a difference daily.”

Integris Health

“The leaders genuinely care about the caregivers. They want the best for them inside and outside of work. They go the extra mile in making sure you understand what you're doing, why and how it affects the entire organization.”

Midsized businesses


“I get the opportunity to have a career where I help people care for others while living their dreams.”

Regent Bank

“I have the opportunity to do what I enjoy and work with others throughout the bank.”

Eide Bailly LLP

“I enjoy the healthcare industry, the flexibility and encouragement to have family/work life balance.”

Bob Mills Furniture

“This is my career path, and this company is very optimistic. The work environment is smooth and family-oriented.”

Central Technology Center

“I am able to follow my passion and be a creative thinker.”

Esler Cos. Renewal by Andersen

“I have the opportunity to create my own income and meet different people on a daily basis.”

Melton Truck Lines Inc.

“The people are amazing. The work is challenging. I feel valued and heard.”

TVC Pro-Driver

“The company vision and goals are always transparent. Leadership ensures employees have a voice in decision making. I love that I can effect positive change in policies, processes and procedures in an effort to provide continuous improvement to our employees' work experience.”

Claims Management Resources

“I have been given an opportunity to utilize my knowledge and talent to make positive change for the company.”

MidCentral Energy

“They reward hard work and I feel like no person is left behind. Every employee feels like they have a role in the company's future success.”


“I am allowed to be a part of an industry that helps so many other industries operate. I get to make a difference on each of my projects to ensure the success of the final product.”

Meridian Technology Center

“I work with great people that care about making a difference in the lives of our students and guests.”

Science Museum Oklahoma

“Every day I know I am working towards something good. We help our community by sparking their curiosity and encouraging them to explore at any age.”

United Rentals Inc.

“At United Rentals you feel a sense of being a part of something bigger. You feel the cohesiveness between all departments working toward the same goal.”

CompSource Mutual Insurance Co.

“It gives me an opportunity to make a difference with both internal and external customers. I feel like I make a difference every day and my job allow me the flexibility to volunteer in the community and work with different organizations.”

World Acceptance Corp.

“My coworkers and bosses are so friendly and caring. I feel like a part of a family here. They also motivate me every day to do better than my best.”

Standley Systems LLC

“I get to work with great people and leadership that cares about me, my family and our clients.”

WeStreet Credit Union

“I have the freedom to express my opinions and ideas. I get the opportunity to see the positive growth of others, whether it be members or teammates. I am challenged and given the tools I need to grow not only professionally, but personally.”

LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma Inc.

“I am consistently engaged as a valued member of the team. I am given positive as well as constructive feedback. I have an open forum to address concerns and ideas I feel heard. I am compensated fairly for my talents, above industry standard in pay and benefits.”

Great Plains Bank

“I get the opportunity to help others become the best version of who they have been created to be. I believe we focus on bringing significance to the families we serve and the team we work with.”


“There is an atmosphere of support-personal and professional. There is always someone who has your back, whether you need assistance to perform a job or you need support for personal reasons.”


“I am able to work with a great group of individuals who have the same, if not more, passion for what we do when working with the community and each other.”


“It allows me to help others grow while helping to support small communities across the country.”

TBS Factoring Service

“I have the opportunity to work with a group of folks who genuinely want me to succeed.”

Stride Bank

“I am given opportunities that expand my knowledge within the banking industry, and my supervisors are confident in what I do.”

Hope Community Services Inc.

“I am empowered to reach my goals as a social worker and given a supportive environment to maintain my self-care needs.”


“I feel like I'm part of a family at our store location, I feel like I have purpose in my life and I genuinely look forward to going to work every day”

Atrium Hospitality

“I have the ability to make people happy, guests and associates alike. I work for a company that I am proud of.”

Dove Schools

“I love making a difference in the lives of the children I teach. I will never get tired of a child realizing ‘I can do this!’ To be able to motivate and inspire are some of the biggest rewards.”

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

“I am able and encouraged to learn and grow in my field. I feel comfortable discussing new ideas, as well as asking for help if needed. I am provided a balance of autonomy and accountability that works well with my working style.”

Small businesses


“I am surrounded by people who want me to succeed and constantly go out of their way to help me better my skills to further my career. Also, the executive leadership is extremely transparent and easily approachable should I have questions.”

PaceButler Corp.

“I get to help people to grow and become the best version of themselves. I love the community and the culture.”

Oklahoma ER & Hospital

“My co-workers and senior staff are all very kind and supportive. They help maintain an efficient work-flow balance while also providing aid to help those who are still learning.”


“What we do makes a difference. Our products create joy for our customers and profit for our retailers. We grow together as a team and share in the results.”

Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

“I have the opportunity to be creative, share my ideas with others, and feel respected for my contribution. My opinion matters.”

Homes by Taber

“I get to help people every day with the biggest purchase of their lives. You get to know your customers on such a personal level and guide them through a sometimes-scary process. It feels good to be considered an expert in my industry and I love the people I work with.”

Canvas Energy

“I learn new things all the time and I can fall back on my coworkers if there’s something I don’t understand.”

TEAM Professional Services Cos.

“I am surrounded by encouraging people and have great leadership. The closeness with the owners is also great, because they get to know their employees one-on-one.”

The Haskell Co.

“I have had the opportunity to work in a group of like-minded professionals dedicated to taking tough ideas and design them into reality. The challenges provided push my abilities further allowing me to perfect my craft. The opportunities to work on projects that are legacy in nature.”

Changeis Inc.

“I work with the best people in a role that is very fulfilling.

Baer & Timberlake P.C.

“I have the creative freedom to excel in the areas I am most interested in.”

Rich & Cartmill Insurance

“The people are amazing. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. The producers are knowledgeable and involved. Management is always doing things for the staff to make them feel appreciated. Overall, it is a relaxing, fun atmosphere.”


“I learn new things every day, and constantly meet and work with talented, diverse and kind people. I feel very fortunate to be with a company that genuinely cares for its people and its clients. It is also exciting to be part of such big and transformative projects.”


“I have the opportunity to help people every single day; Ranging from helping with problems with a specific locate request to helping people feel heard and valued.”


“I love my job because I enjoy the work I do, and I also enjoy the people that I work with. I enjoy being a part owner via the very generous CGI stock plan. I enjoy coming to work each and every day, even after all of these years.”

Cornerstone Home Lending Inc.

“I am able to help people achieve homeownership while creating a team to work with me and add value to their lives.”

US Pioneer

“It allows me to learn new things and challenge myself.”

Trisura Specialty Insurance

“I contribute to the growth and structure of the company every day.”

Pivot A Turning Point For Youth

“I get to help young people and feel supported by my peers and the leadership.”

MacArthur Associated Consultants

“I feel like I am contributing to a great team that works hard to improve our state.”

Karsun Solutions

“It's a very team-oriented and learning environment. They really place an importance on culture, development and teamwork.”

Stan Johnson Co.

“I feel empowered to create value with my clients both externally and internally. The platform creates the basic building blocks for my success, which inevitably is driven by my own work effort and creativity and relationship building skills.”

Homeless Alliance

“I am able to work full time in a collaborative environment with people who are like-minded and fun to be around.”

Russell-Murray Hospice Inc.

“I love the work I do and the change I am able to make in the lives of our patients. I enjoy educating the community about RMH and furthering our mission.”

Valiant Artificial Lift Solutions

“It affords me the opportunity to grow from a career perspective. My role is what I make it and want it to be. I am genuinely valued.”

Oak Street Health

“I truly believe that by encouraging our patients to take an active role in their health care, we can improve the quality of life for older adults in underserved communities.”

C L Boyd Company Inc.

“I’m always being pushed to full capability. There is plenty of room for me to grow with in the company.”

Kodiak Gas Services

“Every day at work is something new. I am constantly learning every day. There’s always a new challenge that comes your way, which makes you work and find ways to overcome those challenges. I’m never bored and whenever I get something fixed, I get a feeling of gratification and pride.”

Chickasaw Community Bank

“I work at my own pace and feel like I am rewarded for the job that I do.”

VI Marketing and Branding

“I get to specialize in the areas where I shine, rather than wearing many hats. I feel like my leaders legitimately care about me and want me to be authentic.”

Orthodontic Associates

“I have always been supported and encouraged to do my best.”

Phillips Murrah P.C.

“I feel like we help our clients in a positive way and that has always been important to me. I'm good at my job and Phillips Murrah allows me to work independently.”

Ross Group Construction Corp.

“I am constantly learning new things. I am given the support I need to face the many challenges that the construction industry throws our way.”

CMSWillowbrook Inc.

“I love my job because I feel appreciated and valued. It is a pleasure to work for a company who truly cares for their employees, and I appreciate the way management supports our teams and provides the resources needed to get the work done.”

Brainerd Chemical Co. Inc.

“I enjoy the people I work with. I am motivated to be my best. The culture has a ‘can do’ approach to daily challenges. Honesty and integrity are important to the management.”

Objectstream Inc.

“We do all we can to understand our customers’ requirements and challenges so that we can provide them optimal support.”

Oklahoma Water Resources Board

“I have the freedom to do the job the way that fits my work style. I get to work from home three days a week, which saves me time and money. I love that I am trusted to work this way.”

LIBERTY Dental Plan

“I enjoy making a difference in the lives of others.”

Aviation Training Consulting LLC

“I feel like I contribute important elements to the programs. I am not micromanaged and my opinions of how to do work are respected by management. The work environment is close and feel genuinely cared about. The environment is relaxed but everyone is very hard working on their job elements.”

EOG Resources

“I am constantly learning something new.”

BKD CPAs & Advisors

“The people are great, and our culture is fantastic.”

Valiant Residential

“The whole team is very positive and highly motivated with great support.”

Oklahoma Pediatric Therapy Center

“I can tell I am making a difference in the lives of my clients and their family.”

Presort First Class

“I am always learning. There is always something new each day.”


“We're allowed and encouraged to play off our best strengths and communicate our weaknesses so we can better operate as a cohesive team.”

Cookshack Inc.

“I get opportunities to do extra projects which can impact the productivity and success of the company.”

Communication Solutions

“There is always room for improvement. There are so many people I can reach out to when there is something I need help with. Everyone is encouraging and uplifting. I have never felt appreciated at any job until I came here. I have many people willing to invest in me and it feels great.”

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