Why Fans Think The Night King Is Headed to King's Landing on 'Game of Thrones'

Allie Gemmill

Welp, Cersei Lannister might be screwed. On the heels on Game of Thronesseason eight’s second episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” which aired this past Sunday, and the Battle of Winterfell looming ahead in the upcoming episode three,GoT fans believe the Night King is heading to King’s Landing and will opt out of fighting Jon Snow and Co. There’s some evidence to give credence to this theory and if it actually does happen, it could be game-changing for every character who is still alive on GoT.

With two episodes under its belt, GoT has given us no clear indication (or even a solid tease) that the Night King will be skipping out on the Battle at Winterfell and heading straight to King’s Landing. That said, we know that this guy is stone-cold (no pun intended… okay, maybe slight pun intended) focused on ushering in The Long Night, so we have to assume he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. We saw in season seven that the Night King will avoid wading into battle if he can avoid it (we saw proof of this when Jon took a group of men north to get evidence of the White Walkers), which means he could do the same for the Battle of Winterfell. Because he has a clear link to Bran, it’s likely he can see what the humans are planning and already knows to avoid getting lured into the godswood at Winterfell since the Night King is the key to destroying the other White Walkers, giving us more evidence that he will avoid overseeing his troops as they battle the humans.

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So, it makes sense that Night King would plan on heading to King’s Landing and avoid the battle altogether. Like Daenerys, Jon and Cersei, the Night King wants the Iron Throne and he wants to rule over a zombified Westerosi population. Again, this supports fans’ belief that the Night King is going south and using his army as a distraction at Winterfell while speeding up his takeover process.

While that is certainly bad news for everyone at Winterfell, it’s maybe the worst news for little ol’ Cersei, who thinks she is sitting pretty on her throne, staying away from any kind of bloodshed. At the end of season seven, Cersei made it clear to Jaime she wouldn’t send a Lannister army contingent up north to support Jon and Dany. Instead, she prefers Jon and Dany battle it out on their own and destroy themselves, allowing her to retain the crown. This means that Cersei is a sitting duck at King’s Landing, with thousands of men — including the Golden Company, who just arrived on the scene — waiting to fight. If the Night King swoops into King’s Landing on zombie dragon Viserion’s back, Cersei is toast.

Now, it’s important to remember that Cersei’s big dragon-killing weapon is locked away underneath King’s Landing and as far as we know, Bronn — the only dude we’ve seen operate it thus far — is still in the city limits. Cersei could think fast and get that weapon hauled out to try and kill Viserion. But between you and me, we think a little karmic comeuppance is long overdue for Ms. Lannister and I doubt she’ll get her shit together in time to fend off the Night King if he does, in fact, touch down in King’s Landing.

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