Why do Hackers Care About 'Glee' Stars' Twitter Accounts?

Today in celebrity gossip: Lea Michele and Chris Colfer have both been hacked, Miley Cyrus got a poignant new tattoo, and Tyler Perry now owns the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?"

One quick thing before we begin: Can Twitter please be destroyed? Other than its occasionally helpful role in, say, political uprisings, Twitter should be destroyed. If a political candidate ran on the platform that he or she would unplug Twitter entirely, then that person has my vote, because get rid of Twitter. Nobody needs to spend a cumulative four hours a day scrolling through ten thousand bad opinions and fourteen thousand comedians workshopping their brands. "Just mute those people," you're probably muttering under your breath right now before reflexively refreshing your mentions. And fair enough. I have no response to that. You win. Anyway, Twitter should probably be destroyed and here is another big example why: Actors' Twitter accounts are allegedly being hacked and the hackers are tweeting out fake career announcements. Like, a few days ago Glee's Chris Colfer "announced" via Twitter that he had been fired from Glee "due to personal issues" and it caused a big stir, or at least as big a stir as anything related to Glee can possibly cause these days (just FYI Glee is a show that airs on Fox sometimes). But lo and behold, hours later he deleted that tweet and replaced it with this:

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Whoops! Chris Colfer been hacked! (Assuming we believe Chris Colfer. We believe him, right? He hadn't been bullied and/or bribed by Fox to change his tune in order to avoid bad press? No? Okay, just checking.)

But then, dang, it happened again, this time to Lea Michele! The day after Colfer's hoax, somebody posted a tweet to her account announcing that she was pregnant with "dating lifestyle coach" Matthew Paetz's baby. But she quickly deleted that tweet and replaced it with this one:

Touché! (Assuming we believe Lea Michele, right? That she was hacked for real and she wasn't just trying to somehow bolster Chris Colfer's credibility?) Anyway, Colfer finished off the convo with this charming missive:

I don't know, guys. People are allegedly hacking the Glee stars' Twitter accounts for some reason. BUT WHO? Who could possibly be doing this? Is it somebody close to the actors? Here are some possible suspects:

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  • Naya Rivera, who has had beef with Lea Michele in the past

  • Dianna Agron, who might just be bored these days

  • A raccoon

  • Lord Nikon or Acid Burn or ZeroCool or maybe the gay Asian cyber-punk twins from Hackers

  • Chris Colfer and Lea Michele, drunk on Fireball shots and playing pranks on each other whenever the other one leaves the room

  • A different raccoon

So the question remains: Who is hacking the Glee stars' Twitter accounts??? (Also please destroy Twitter.) [Us Weekly]

Guess which famous ex-fiancés do not hate each other? Actually, don't bother guessing because here comes the answer, get ready: It's Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Despite some very mixed signals Cyrus has sent while in concert, she's always flatly denied that her sometimes harsh lyrics were ever directed at Hemsworth, and some recent comments he was overheard making in an Italian restaurant would seem to corroborate that. According to the sensitive-eared busybodies at Page Six, Hemsworth was recently dining in Portofino, Italy, where he was overheard declaring that he and Cyrus would "always be best friends." Additionally, "Liam kept raving about how amazing she was, how much they clicked and understood everything about each other." So take that, haters. As for Miley Cyrus, she's still very much on tour, but Spotify announced that she's earned the distinction of having one of the most-played patriotic songs on 4th of July, as "Party in the USA" was the #1 most-played jam in Maine, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. Not an interesting enough factoid for you? FINE. Here is a photo of Miley Cyrus after getting a tattoo of her dead dog Floyd, and also Wayne Coyne got the same one too for some reason?

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Pretty much. [Page Six, Us Weekly]

You've heard the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" You've worn it on a bracelet around your wrist for nearly 16 years now. But you almost never follow it because who even KNOWS whether Jesus would steal McDonald's fries from a hobo or not? There were no McDonald's fries when Jesus was alive, in my opinion. So this whole "What Would Jesus Do?" thing has always been very, very presumptuous. Anyway, Tyler Perry now owns that phrase. He bought it. He owns it. Just as Jesus would. [Page Six]

Remember the actor from Scandal who kept getting in trouble for beating people up and allegedly threatening his wife with knives and went on to get himself fired from Scandal for these reasons? Well, he just got arrested again. Former actor Columbus Short was arrested over the weekend in Dallas for public intoxication. In your opinion does Columbus Short have an alcohol problem? Vote in our poll below! [Page Six]

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Here is a video making the rounds of Joan Rivers storming off the set of a CNN talking head segment after the host hassled her too much about being controversial:

Obviously Joan Rivers was probably just trying to drum up publicity for her new book, because Joan Rivers is a genius of such things. But it's still pretty amusing all the same. [Us Weekly]

Taylor Swift's 4th of July party was knee-deep in famous people!

The guest list included no less than "Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield, Lena Dunham, Hart of Dixie's Jaime King, indie-pop singer Ingrid Michaelson, and Gossip Girl alum Jessica Szohr." Deal with it. [Us Weekly]

Megan Fox joined Instagram and is already off to a great start!

Do you like Justin Bieber's new summer style, be honest.

Meanwhile Blue Ivy Carter conjured a dolphin out of the ocean with her bare hands. In other words, it has begun.

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Katy Perry met an off-duty Santa Claus.

Finally, Zac Efron battled a terrible filter and came out victorious:

Enjoy your day, okay?


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