Why Jeff Bezos's Two Pizza Rule Is One of the Secrets to Amazon's Success

Morgan Cutolo


It's no secret that Amazon is an insanely successful company. CEO Jeff Bezos's smart and efficient business model is what makes Amazon an ever-growing powerhouse. Part of that business model involves the way he runs his meetings, and oddly enough, it has to do with pizza. These are the things you should always buy on Amazon.

No, he doesn't bribe his employees to come to their 3 o'clock meeting using pizza. Instead, it's a rule he uses to keep meetings productive. He calls it the "two pizza rule" or the "two pizza team." Basically, Bezos will only hold meetings in which two pizzas will feed the entire group. If the group that’s gathered together to meet is too large, then nothing will get done. This is how much money Amazon employees really make.

Everyone has probably experienced their fair share of meetings where everyone just talks over each other and no progress is made at the end of it. Considering the success of Amazon, the "two pizza rule" is one that all companies might want to consider using. It's the most delicious solution to the problem, wouldn't you agree? Next, check out these things you can get for free on Amazon.