Why Maddy Brum From 'Cheer' Season 2 Isn't At Navarro Anymore

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Photo credit: Maddy Brum / Instagram
Photo credit: Maddy Brum / Instagram

Several of the breakout stars of Navarro College’s cheerleading team are back in season two of Netflix’s hit docuseries Cheer, but there are plenty of new faces to get to know, too. One of them is rookie flyer Maddy Brum, who nails jaw-dropping stunts and lifts like it’s NBD.

“She doesn’t know how good she is,” one of her teammates says at one point, and fair. Maddy is really, really impressive to watch.

But while Maddy seems a little shy when she’s not on the mat, she can clearly turn it on when it’s go time. So who is Navarro’s new breakout star? Here’s everything you need to know about Maddy Brum—including her family life.

She’s been cheering since forever.

Maddy shared pretty early on in the series that she was basically made for cheerleading, revealing that she used to drive her family bonkers by always asking them to watch things that she’d do. Cheerleading seemed like a natural fit for her, so she started young and kept on going.

She has a complicated relationship with her dad.

Maddy revealed in the series that her dad didn’t want her to go to school at Navarro, which is in Texas, while her family is based in Massachusetts. “He didn’t get to see me a lot of my life,” Maddy said. “But at the end of the day, it’s kinda his fault.”

OK, but why? Maddy later shared that her dad, Barry Brodeur, was in prison for rape and now can’t leave the state of Massachusetts for legal reasons.

She had a difficult upbringing.

Not only was Maddy’s dad incarcerated when she was growing up, Maddy said that her mom, Nicole Ostis, was once arrested outside her daughter’s school for trying to steal a license plate from someone’s car.

Ostis said in an interview with filmmakers that she had trouble making ends meet after Maddy’s dad went to prison.

“We lived literally paycheck to paycheck just to eat and have a roof over our heads,” she said. Maddy wanted to join an all-star cheerleading team but there was “just no reasonable way it would be okay because I couldn’t provide that,” Ostis continued.

But one all-star gym called ECE decided to give Maddy a scholarship so that she could get next-level training without having to pay a ton.

“Maddy didn’t have a lot of parental supervision or care,” Cassie Bienveue, ECE gym co-owner said in the series. “She needed some.”

She’s no longer at Navarro.

Maddy said in a November Instagram post that she had her “last ever” Navarro football game. “I’ll miss my times at tiger field, go bulldogs always🐶,” she wrote.

She’s now on an all-star team.

Maddy now cheers with the CA Wildcats, a competitive all-star team. And, naturally, she’s doing all kinds of impressive stunts with them. Behold...

And WOW:

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