Why Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne picked Sarah Cooper for their company's 1st production

For Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne, giving comedian Sarah Cooper her own special was a no-brainer. It was also the first production from their new company to hit the airwaves. (Oct. 26)

Video Transcript


- Oh, my God. You've startled me. I'm here to do "The Sarah Cooper Show."

SARAH COOPER: And we are so excited to have you. These might be the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen.

- They are my pride and joy. And now, I'd appreciate it if you got Sarah for me. Thank you.

SARAH COOPER: I'm Sarah Cooper.

- I didn't say "Sierra," honey. I said "Sarah."

- That is Sarah Cooper.

SARAH COOPER: I'm Sarah Cooper, the host of the show.

NATASHA LYONNE: And we were like, you know, yeah, I mean, what else means anything right now? You know, it's going to be very hard to be, like, you know, whatever, do a show about a couple in love or something right now. It's kind of like, nobody's even leaving the house, you know?

So it just sort of became this opportunity to really do something that sort of had meaning and resonance to the moment and felt like, you know, maybe, in some small way, we can help, if not, you know, the election itself, at least people feel a little bit less alone in the chaos of the doomscrolling, and the paranoia, and the surreal that is what we're all experiencing collectively.

- 911, what's your emergency?

- This Karen June Dillard.


- I am with a person. And my gut tells me she is up to no good.

MAYA RUDOLPH: It's a genuine joy to see what we set out to do as a company come to life. Because it is, in and of itself, what we really believe in, which is putting ourselves behind talented people, and making sure those are the projects that we share, and put into the world the things that we think are important to be made and we want people to see.

- Now, she's destroying my property?

SARAH COOPER: This is my property!