Here’s why a national discount store chain has recalled seven different kinds of Advil

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National Library of Medicine

Family Dollar’s problems with unsafe product storage, which caused the recall of myriad over-the-counter products in 2022, caused the discount chain to yank 73 batches of Advil from its shelves nationwide.

The various packages of Advil were, the Family Dollar recall notice said, pulled “due to the product being stored by Family Dollar outside of labeled temperature requirements” and were “shipped to certain stores on or around June 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023.”

That time period overlaps with last year’s gargantuan recalls, in July and September, that involved products improperly stored then “inadvertently shipped” to stores in May and June.

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As for the Advil in this recall, there are seven varieties.

Advil 200 mg Tablets, 100-count, batch Nos. 3P8G; 695E; A92E; G65G; SH2R; SX8G; VT5P; WK3M; X98T; and XS5P.

Advil 200 mg Caplets, 24-count, batch Nos. 3P8D; 6T8W; and BA7G.

Advil Dual Action, 36-count, batch Nos. 6Y7F; 9M5B; HM6R; and VJ3H.

Advil Tablets, 50-count, batch Nos. 4A3U; 564B; 6X8C; 9A3K; C72H; and G64V.

Advil Liquid Gel, 40-count, batch Nos. R95323; R96317; R96810; R97196; R97197; R97198; R97203; R97204; R99183; R99184; R99528; T00613; T01662; and T01663.

Advil Tablets, 6-count, batch Nos. 2041LB; 2094LB; 2108LB; 2109LA; 2110LA; 2111LC; 2122LB; 2123LB; 2124LA; 2126LA; 2138LB; 2139LA; 2139LB; 2143LB; 2145LC; 2147LA; 2152LA; 2153LB; 2153LC; 2154LB; 2154LC; 2157LC; 2158LA; 2159LB; 2236LA; 2236LB; 2237LA; 2243LA; 2244LC; and 2245LC.

Advil Liqui Gel Minis, 20-count, batch Nos. R97214; R99598; R99600; T00617; T00618; and T03897.

If you have any of the above Advil, return it to a Family Dollar for a full refund. If you have questions, call Family Dollar at 844-636-7687, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern time.

If you’ve had any medical problems from this or any other drug, first see a medical professional. Then let the FDA know via its MedWatch Adverse Event page or by filling out a form you can get by calling 800-332-1088.