Why Nyoki Club is Here to Shake the World of NFTs

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Nyoki club is one of the most sought-after NFT projects since the surge of NFTs in the last year. One might wonder what this project offers to stand out from the masses of NFT projects that are released daily. First of all, Nyoki Cub consists of 8888 individual 3D characters all of which are unique and randomly generated. Each Nyoki is one-of-a-kind artwork and will be available to be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain from April 10th.

What makes the project truly unique is that these NFTs will not only exist in digital form but also be available as 3D printed models that will be accessible worldwide. This combination of Web3 technology and real-life collectibles is one of the reasons for Nyoki club to have more than 74 thousand followers way ahead of its release date. The team behind Nyoki club knows how to manage a community from the start and lets people enter their whitelist by exclusive and rare raffles and by being active and helpful in their community discord. Their following is not only measured in numbers but can also be actively witnessed in the brimming discord channel where more than 50000 people actively vote on governance questions. Nyoki Club gained fame in the NFT space quickly by partnering up with well-known projects like Hapebeast, Llamaverse, and Rarity Sniper just to name a few.

The roadmap of Nyoki Club will start with the creation of the first-ever fully 3D printed model and will set out to create more after the minting phase has ended and the collection is available to trade. Partnerships with more artists to create Nyokis in the future are only one of the many stations planned for the future. There is a lot of trust in the community towards the founders and the partnerships and positive publicity they have made until now speak for themselves. The team behind Nyoki Club will use these partnerships to release an NFT collection that will reach new heights in terms of value and ingenuity.

To learn more about Nyoki club, you can check out their official website here or follow them on Twitter or join their community Discord.

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