Why Pat Sajak broke out a wrestling move on this ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant

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Apparently Pat Sajak found a new way to celebrate wins on "Wheel of Fortune."

Contestant Fred Fletcher-Jackson, who's a drama teacher, bar quiz host and professional wrestler, turned out to be quite the puzzle expert on the show March 21.

He solved one puzzle after another and then figured out the bonus round in just three guesses, impressing even his opponents and pulling off a "clean sweep."

At one point during his winning streak, 76-year-old Sajak even addressed him as "brute" and offered to "body slam" him on behalf of the other contestants.

“Very rarely it happens that we get someone who just swept everything, and (can) make it a clean sweep by getting this bonus round,” the host told him.

After a "perfect game" by solving the bonus round puzzle, Fletcher-Jackson took home a whopping $75,800 in prizes. To celebrate the big win, Sajak ran over to the part-time wrestler and threw him into a submission move, the crossface chickenwing.

Though seemingly surprised, the contestant didn't seem fazed by the classic move, jokingly squirming and making an exaggerated facial expression.

Fans seemed to dig the funny moment between the host and the drama teacher, with one user commenting on the YouTube video, "Loved when Pat put on the wrestling moves! Hilarious!"

"I would have loved to see Pat employ the 'Camel Clutch,' perfected by The Iron Sheik!" another joked.

This isn't the first time fans couldn't get enough of the "Wheel of Fortune" host.

On a December 2022 episode, a contestant named Kate was trying to solve a puzzle for the phrase "Fixing a leak," but couldn't get to the bottom of it.

After several guesses involving the word "leaf," the buzzer rang and Sajak informed her that "leaf" was not the correct word.

“I kept thinking of doing something else with a leak and I didn’t think that was it,” she responded.

Sajak then said "no," and took a deep look into the camera.

The audience suddenly burst into laughter and Sajak dropped the cards he'd been holding. The moment garnered some major social media attention, with one Instagram user writing, "That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on ‘Wheel’!!"

This article was originally published on TODAY.com