Why streets in Wisconsin are still icy days after major snowstorms

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Even after last week’s snowstorms, road conditions in northeast Wisconsin are still not ideal.

Taylor Weghorst was driving up from Milwaukee and said, “It’s been really tough. Once I pulled in off the highway, all the ice is just caked down on to the road, which makes it really bumpy, even with 4-wheel drive. I drive a truck, but around turns, everyone is going 20 mph at best.”

Frozen road laws set to begin in northern Wisconsin on Thursday, what that means:

Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) said crews tried to plow through as much as they could, but some of the snow and ice was just too thick in spots, leaving many patches of ice.

Maintenance road engineer Matt Haefs says, “Some of that snow hard pack just stuck to the pavement so well that you have to run over it multiple times.”

While the city of Green Bay has put sand on many of the roads, it is only a temporary fix.

“Sand will not melt snow. All it does is it provides an abrasive grit to help provide traction to that accumulated snowpack,” Steve Grenier, Green Bay Public Works Director, says.

The city hopes that in the next few days, once the arctic blast is over, plow drivers can scrape the ice more easily from the pavement.

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Grenier says, “We’re expecting things to warm up to the point where scraping will be effective. We’ll get back out on the primaries and try to get them back to bare pavement. If temperature and time allow, then we’ll move off of primaries into residential routes.”

Even though it will take some time for roads to get back to normal, remember to slow down and prepare for a slick and rough ride ahead.

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