Why are TikTok users pretending to scream at random strangers?

TikTok's new obsession is "fake screaming" behind people. The popular prank is almost like a next-level photobombing. The name of the trend is fairly self-explanatory. People stand behind a person and gesture as if they're screaming but there's no sound . The social game first sprang up in February but has recently gained traction this September. The trend took off when user @alejwho posted the video that sparked the game on February 3. Although @alejwho removed the original video he re-uploaded it in September with the caption, "what started it all" . TikToker Tyson Kaiser boldly managed to pull the prank off on his teacher in the middle of class. "And they all never suspected a thing," Charles Gatewood said after doing the challenge to several women at a party. Sedona Prince and a friend did it to strangers at a football game. However, one of them managed to notice

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