Why Trevor Lawrence is the 'natural' NFL quarterback

In Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast's Rookie Snapshot, Liz Loza and Eric Edholm break down NFL prospect Trevor Lawrence and decide what word best describes the former Clemson QB. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript



LIZ LOZA: If you are thinking of one word that embodies all-- and there is quite a bit of it-- of Trevor Lawrence, what's the word the first comes to mind?

ERIC EDHOLM: Liz, I was going to go with "jealous," meaning I am jealous of everything that young man has and I don't. But instead will go with "the natural," or "natural" if you just want to stick to one word there. I mean, he's an incredible athlete for his size. 6' 6". You think of this sort of classic pocket passer, and he can do that.

But he also is a tremendous runner as well. He throws well on the move. I mean, everything he does looks pretty darn natural. I'd still like to see him slide a little bit better. We can talk about that another day.

But yeah, I mean, like you said, the basketball background, breaking high school records, winning every game he played pretty much. Even in college his record was incredible. So I don't want to say it's come easy to him, but it's come very naturally. So that's my word. What did you come up with?

LIZ LOZA: I came up with "Zeus," which is very similar. I mean, he is seemingly created in a lab, god-like. And I think it's because you mentioned the size. The average NFL quarterback is 6' 3". He's got 3 inches on that. But he, by no means, has all of the negatives that like Brock Osweiler comes with, right?

And he's 220. The average NFL quarterback about 225. There's still room to grow on that little frame. He's a young boy. And so I think it's interesting because I think this draft class very much represents a turning point in the evolution of the most important position in football. And we have not seen someone, as you mentioned, with the cannon arm, with the ability to stand in the pocket, and take hits, but also has the kind of mobility that he does.