Wisconsin gov: Trump has 'right' to recount

President Donald Trump's campaign said on Wednesday it would seek a recount of votes in Wisconsin, hours before CNN and the Associated Press projected Democrat Joe Biden had won the key battleground state's 10 electoral college votes.

Video Transcript

TONY EVERS: I agree, but It is something that is obviously legal. And people have the right to demand a recount. And if that happens, we will be patient. And we have great people at the elections commission that will supervise that process, as well as the people and our communities.

And so that will play out. I just-- just in passing, I know when Jill Stein requested it four years ago from the Green Party, it took 10 days. So it wasn't necessarily a burden to-- to people. It certainly is a high hurdle and I think an insurmountable hurdle. So but what I think about it-- that's not my business.

If the Trump campaign wants to have a recall, they'll have a recall. They have that right. We'll get that done, and we'll move forward.

That's good. But it is reflective of, frankly, our state. Our state is and always has been in a very contested bipartisan state. And so we work together to get what we can get accomplished.

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