Wichita Eagle honors top high school cross country runners on 2023 All-Metro team

Josh Hobson/Courtesy

The Wichita area featured some of the best high school cross country runners in Kansas this season, and that star power is highlighted on The Wichita Eagle’s 2023 All-Metro team.

The All-Metro squad consists of the eight top runners and the top coach from Sedgwick, Butler and Harvey counties, based on season-long performance with a heavy emphasis on postseason finishes.

For the second straight year, Trinity Academy’s Clay Shively was named the Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year after winning his second straight individual gold medal and leading the Knights to their third straight Class 3A team title.

Meanwhile, Trinity Academy sophomore Emily Hein was named the Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year after winning the Class 3A individual gold medal this fall.

Below is the full listing of the All-Metro teams.

Wichita Eagle Boys XC All-Metro team

Daniel Enriquez, Kapaun Mt. Carmel sophomore

  • Third at 5A state (15:48)

Sam Ferguson, Trinity Academy senior

  • Second at 3A state (15:48)

Kaleb Glazier, Maize senior

  • Eleventh at 6A state (16:00)

Jacob Hobson, Trinity Academy senior

  • Fifth at 3A state (15:58)

Will Meyer, Collegiate junior

  • Fourth at 3A state (15:52)

Clay Shively, Trinity Academy senior

  • First at 3A state (15:48)

Ryan Son, East senior

  • Sixth at 6A state (15:51)

Dustin Stephenson, Bishop Carroll senior

  • Second at 5A state (15:39)

Eric Carroll, Trinity Academy

  • First at 3A state (team champions)

Wichita Eagle Girls XC All-Metro team

Taylor Barringer, Kapaun Mt. Carmel sophomore

  • Twenty-second at 5A state (19:58)

Emily Hein, Trinity Academy sophomore

  • First at 3A state (18:37)

Amelia Hermann, Kapaun Mt. Carmel junior

  • Eighteenth at 5A state (19:45)

Brecken Howell, Trinity Academy sophomore

  • Sixth at 3A state (20:10)

Brett Jacobson, Circle sophomore

  • Sixth at 4A state (19:46)

Ashley Lehman, Hesston sophomore

  • Fifth at 3A state (20:02)

Alexa Ornelas, North senior

  • Thirtieth at 6A state (19:55)

Madelyn Wallace, Andover sophomore

  • Seventh at 5A state (19:04)

Jacob Gerber, Remington coach

  • Second at 3A state (team runner-up)

All-Metro boys XC second team

Aidan Braun, Andover sophomore

Andrew Guyer, Kapaun Mt. Carmel junior

Gunnar Leonard, Bishop Carroll senior

Blake Logan, Circle senior

Luke Meier, Bishop Carroll junior

Nathan Mortensen, Campus senior

Brock Moses, Valley Center junior

Will Niederee, Kapaun Mt. Carmel junior

Caleb Tofteland, Trinity Academy junior

Caiden Unruh, Maize senior

Cory Swords, Bishop Carroll coach

All-Metro girls XC second team

Emma Brooks, Maize South sophomore

Madison Busch, Augusta junior

Piper Hula, Derby junior

Kimberlin Lovell, Rose Hill junior

Brooke Martin, Bishop Carroll junior

Ruby Moore, East junior

Isabella Ponce, Maize South sophomore

Reese Quinn, Hesston freshman

Sofia Wendell, Bishop Carroll senior

Chelsea Willour, Remington sophomore

Jonathan Jeffcoat, Andover coach

All-Metro boys XC third team

Alex Ayin, Maize senior

Jeremiah Briscoe, Berean Academy junior

Owen Dent, Eisenhower sophomore

Elijah Edwards, Northwest junior

Landon Englert, Bishop Carroll sophomore

Ethan Finney, Andover Central senior

Dylan Hunter, Circle senior

Cole Reintjes, Kapaun Mt. Carmel sophomore

Dawson Schmidt, Augusta junior

Jase Thomas, Augusta sophomore

Skeeter Rankins, Maize coach

All-Metro girls XC third team

Brecken Bogner, Andover freshman

Gabrielle Day, Andover senior

Sophie Ellis, Valley Center freshman

Emersyn Herod, Rose Hill sophomore

Autumn Hirsch, Berean Academy sophomore

Mia Hirsch, North sophomore

Laney Hooper, Valley Center sophomore

Ciara Johnson, East senior

Olivia Querubin, Maize South freshman

Hailey Walden, Classical sophomore

Gretchen Bina, Kapaun Mt. Carmel coach