Wichita library card gets a makeover, 3 new options

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — You have several options if you want to sport the newest Wichita library card. On Thursday, the Wichita Public Library unveiled new card designs, and a couple have some Wichita flair.

Two of the cards feature the Wichita flag. A third card shows a dog and cat hugging while reading a book. The previous library card with blue words on a white background is still usable, too.

Wichita's library card options (Courtesy City of Wichita)
Wichita's library card options (Courtesy City of Wichita)

Last August, the library put out a call for artists to design some new options. The competition was in three different age groups, with each winner receiving a gift card and the honor of having hundreds of people carrying their artwork.

“I think it’ll be really cool to see for years, or however long they keep it around, to have my design that other people have on their card,” Taylor Clossin, one of the winning designers, said. “I think that’s really cool.”

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The library says the new cards cater to all ages.

“We have a lot of talented people here on staff, but we really wanted this to be a community effort, and we have a ton of creativity here in Wichita,” Sean Jones, Wichita Public Library communications specialist, said. “Our arts community is very vibrant, so we wanted to tap into local talent.”

The new cards will be available at the Wichita Public Library starting Friday. If you want to replace your current library card, there is a $2 replacement fee. You will get a new card number, but your account information and borrowing history will be transferred to the new number.

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