This Wicked 1985 BMW M635CSi Has European Enthusiasts Going Crazy

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Who will be the lucky soul to take home this beautiful BMW To The Race Track.

BMW has crafted, for itself, a wildly popular narrative of being one of Germany's fastest automotive manufacturers to ever put rubber to the road in the European racing circuit. Models such as the M3, M4, and other M series cars have cemented the BMW image into the minds and hearts of European car enthusiasts across the globe. The mid-'80s, in particular, would eventually go on to be known as a golden era for the BMW brand as it saw the introductions of some of the most popular projects, race, and sports cars of today. This car perfectly reflects that sentiment of chasing perfection powered by german performance and a distinctly BMW style.

Under the hood of this sleek red 1985, BMW M635CSi is a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine pushing out 286 horsepower and 251 ft/lbs of torque. That power is transferred through a sturdy five-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential, making sliding around with speed and elegance quite nicely. Such an intense drivetrain can push the car through the entire 160mph speedometer. Another piece to this high-performance puzzle is the odometer which reads 107,000 miles which is pretty good for such an old car.

The interior is black leather with a simplistic racing-inspired steering wheel and a booted BMW shift knob. The owner did maintenance before listing this car for the auction; this includes a change in the transmission and differential fluids which should give you confidence in the integrity of this vehicle. With no accidents on this car's record and the clean title, this car is the perfect buy for anyone looking into getting their own sleek BMW as either a project car, racer, or weekend cruiser. If you happen to be the person looking into buying this beast, you had better hurry before some other lucky soul takes it from you.

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