Widow describes moment stranger killed her husband

Police say the man was shot while holding the door open for his wife at a convenience store, and investigators don't know why.

Video Transcript

- He meant the world to me. We were married for five years, well it'd be five years July the 5th We grew up together, he was my first boyfriend ever. We have been knowing each other for 40 years, you know, as children. And Patrick went away, he got in trouble as a youngster, and we reconnected when he came home. He had never been in any trouble, you know, and he lived his life accordingly. He didn't bother anybody. He meant the world to me, my world was shattered that night. Just everything. I mean, in the blink of an eye, he was gone. And me, being in a nursing field, I couldn't save him.

- You know when I walked in through the door that's why I asked what he meant to you and stuff because I want to just, revisit that night, you know. I'm sure it must be very difficult. But, so let's just not even go there yet. Can you tell me what do you need from the public? Do you need the public's help right now, right?

- Yes I do. I need someone knows-- someone who has seen the videos. The videos are out there. I just asked for people of this community, of [? Waterstreet. ?] You guys know me, you guys know my heart, how I am. I don't bother anybody. We don't bother anybody, none of his family. We all know us. I just need somebody to come forward with anything that they can say as to if they saw something, if they saw that person walking in what they had on, if they seen him in another time, even [? wearing ?] that, what he had on. Because it's recognizable, it's noticeable.

- Speaking of-- Because the clothing, it does stand out very much.

- It does.

- Do you feel like you will get justice, they will find him? People talk.

- Yes, people do talk and I feel like this is going to come out. He's going to be captured, and he's going to stand trial for what he'd done. Because what he'd done was very callous. It really was. I feel like the justice will be served.

- What did he do?

- He murdered my husband, in cold blood. My husband didn't have a weapon, he didn't have anything. And you just jump out from behind a car and start shooting. You shoot once, but not only did you shoot that one time, you shot five more times or so, but behind after that you continued until you emptied the gun. And then you ran away. And I ran to look to see which way you went, to see if anybody, so I can be able to tell the police, well he did go that way I saw that much. Then, I turned my attention to my husband to see if he was still with me. If there's anything that I could do to help him still be here.

- And the conversation that we're having, there's one word that just keeps going through my mind that you just said, and that word is "shattered."

- Yes, my whole world was shattered that night. Anybody saw us, they saw him, they saw me. Since we've been married, we were always together. It's very seldom times that we're apart. And I'm grateful for having the five years that I've had. But, he took my world away from me. And I didn't deserve that. That person didn't think about nobody else, he didn't think about my mother-in-law, he didn't think about his siblings, he didn't think about nobody else. We just buried my sister-in-law a week ago. And we didn't deserve this. We did not deserve this at all. We were already dealing with a loss, and now on top of that loss, we have another loss. We can't get that back.

- Can you, this is so tough, can we just circle back around and just tell me some good things about your husband?

- Yes, I can.

- From what I understand, he was pretty well known in the area.

- He was very well known in this area. Everybody. We have a lot of people that he grew up with. He grew up with everybody-- I mean, we, from this neighborhood have lived here our whole childhood up until adulthood, and we're still come back out to the community. Even though we don't live in this area anymore, we still come back over here. At least once a week, we're in this neighborhood.

- Can you describe him to me? What he looked like, was he handsome?

- Of course he was handsome, let him tell you. Let him say he had good looks. He would always say, oh yeah I have the-- I'm a chick magnet, that was his word. I'm a chick magnet. I say, OK, chick magnet. He said, yeah that's why all the girls love me, oh, look at my granddaughters. They want to be with their Pawpaw. So, yes.

- Sounds like he was a little very charismatic?

- He was, he was the life of the party. He loved everybody. He loved his mother, he loved his brother, he loved his daughter, he loved, he loved his grandchildren. He loved. He was just a caring person I have so many people that have contacted me. He have picked up children that he didn't even know, because he was gone, he was incarcerated before. He did not even know these children, and they all come up to me and telling me, that was my unc. Like that. You know and he would always, whenever he saying, and he'd say, hey nephew. So he just adopted a whole family of children along the way. That's the way he was. Anything happen, we find out somebody's mother lost or somebody children, they've lost a family member, whatever, he was like, Oh I gotta go and check on them. That was him. He's going to go by and check on everybody. And I used to make fun of him and say, every time we'd [? ride ?] through the neighborhood, he'd sees somebody outside. He would toot his horn and blow his horn at them, and I was like, they can't see you in here. He was like, that's all right, they know what I'm saying hello. That was him.