Wife of homicide victim fails to appear in court; warrant issued

Feb. 22—JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Police are searching for the wife of a Johnstown homicide victim after she failed to appear in District Court Wednesday.

A bench warrant was issued for Lexus Capri Simms, 26, of Pine Street and Vickroy Avenue, when she did not appear before District Judge Kevin Price, of Johnstown.

Simms was charged with hindering apprehension/concealing or destroying evidence and tampering with evidence.

Police also are continuing the search for Michael Cogdell, 18, of Pittsburgh, who is charged with shooting and killing Marvin Price, 42, of Johnstown, on Jan. 23. Cogdell is charged with homicide and aggravated assault.

According to a complaint affidavit, surveillance video from Jan. 23 shows Cogdell walking in the 600 block of Park Avenue. A vehicle driven by Price slows down as it passes Cogdell, then makes a U-turn and parks, Cogdell approaches the vehicle and leans into the front seat, then sprints away.

Simms, who was traveling behind Price in a separate vehicle, is seen stopping her vehicle and going to Price's vehicle to check on him. She dialed 911 to report the shooting.

During that time, Simms allegedly found Cogdell's iPhone on the ground and took it from the scene.

Photos on the phone matched the description of the shooting suspect, who was spotted on surveillance video. Police have not released a motive for the shooting.