Wife surprises baseball-loving husband with wedding gift from his favorite team

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The Boston Red Sox logo.
The Boston Red Sox logo. Elsa/Getty Images

When it comes to wedding gifts, Karla Jean Holfelder knocked it out of the park.

Ahead of her wedding, Holfelder decided to have some fun, and sent invitations to several celebrities. Her new husband, David Simmons, is a baseball fan, and Holfelder mailed an invite to his favorite team: the Boston Red Sox. In response, the Red Sox sent the couple a package containing bags of "Fenway Dirt," wristbands, stickers, and a heartfelt letter from the team.

Holfelder posted a video on TikTok showing Simmons opening the package and getting emotional as he read the letter. The team congratulated the bride and groom, saying, "we admire your dedication to each other and wish you many years of joy and happiness," and also pledged to win another World Series soon. The Red Sox didn't stop there — the team commented on Holfelder's TikTok, telling the couple, "We'd love to host you for a game to celebrate your marriage."

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