Wild Fork Foods will pay $130K after claims of anti-Hispanic slurs in the Miami office

David J. Neal
·1 min read

Racist slurs flew regularly and with impunity in Wild Fork Foods’ Miami corporate office, building a hostile work environment for a Venezuelan-American woman, asserted an EEOC lawsuit settled Tuesday.

That office is located in Doral — the capital of South Florida’s Venezuelan community.

The consent decree approved by Judge Kathleen Williams states, “Wild Fork Foods denies these allegations and states that, by entering into this Consent Decree, it admits no wrongdoing or violation of the law.”

The consent decree also states that Wild Fork Foods will pay $37,500 in back pay and $92,500 in compensatory damages to Belen Estacio. Estacio worked for Wild Fork Foods, owned by Brazilian-owned JBS USA, from June 6, 2018, through Nov. 29, 2018.

The lawsuit said Estacio dealt with “severe and pervasive slurs regarding Hispanic people, which created a hostile work environment for her based on her national origin and race.”

After taking her complaint to human resources, the lawsuit noted, Estacio was “retaliated against and ... subjected to intensified harassment based on national origin and race” until she was forced out of the job.

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