A wild night of weather in Mississippi

AccuWeather's Kim Leoffler was in Mississippi on April 9 and 10, observing the severity and effects of the string of severe storms sweeping through the area.

Video Transcript

KIM LUFFLER: A wild night of weather in Mississippi, strong storms producing hail. Like this one near Hickory, Mississippi, the hail just smaller than a tennis ball. As night began to fall, lightning lit up the sky.

We spotted a tornado in Pelahatchie around 8:45 PM central time. Reports of damage and injuries unknown. Following the tornado came heavy rain. Jackson, Mississippi seeing flash flooding late Friday night. Several cars stuck in the water.

DARREN FLYNN: My car messed around and got stuck in this water, thinking I could through. I couldn't even come through.

KIM LUFFLER: Luckily this man was able to get out OK.

DARREN FLYNN: He started coming through. So I hurried up, got up out the car. I jumped out, got on top the car. It's still raining hard though.

KIM LUFFLER: Reporting in Mississippi for a AccuWeather, I'm Kim Luffler.